Beautiful Tampa Florida Bungalow Brings Back The 1920s

front of bungalow in tampa florida

When most people think of Tampa Florida, beautiful weather is one of the first things that comes to mind. However, the weather in Tampa isn’t the only beautiful thing worth mentioning. Although the city is not often recognized for its architecture, there are several amazing buildings and homes throughout the city, and this classic bungalow is a perfect example. Built in 1927, the 1,876 square-foot home remains in tip-top shape, and has all of the charm you’d expect from a home of its age. The inside of the home boasts four bedrooms, french doors, a large kitchen, and ” ‘speakeasy room; with Harlequin-patterned wood panelingĀ and a built-in wet bar.” Although the interior is not modern, home has beautiful hardwood flooring, and a very nostalgic feel that will certainly appeal to buyers who love 20s era architecture. The property also boasts a two car garage and a small guest house. However while this home is certainly lovely, what’s more impressive is the price.

The home is for sale and can be purchased for just $299,900. In many other parts of the country, $299,900 wouldn’t get you as far in the real estate world, and quite frankly, wouldn’t get you such a cool piece of property. If you’ve always wanted to live in a cool bungalow-style home, this beautiful piece of property in Tampa Florida might be the type of place you’d always dreamed of. After all, it’s not every day you’ll see a home over 80-years-old in such amazing condition. Check out these pictures of this bungalow from the 1920s.

view of bungalow in tampa florida

speakeasy room in tampa florida bungalow

speakeasy room in tampa florida bungalow

room with hardwood flooring and chandelier

classic style bathroom with red bathtub

classic style bathroom

classic style bathroom with red bathtub

living space with green walls

large eat-in kitchen

large eat-in kitchen

kitchen with dishwasher

dining space in kitchen area

entryway with french doors

entryway with french doors

large white french doors

arched entryway

large room with beautiful arched entryway

side view of bungalow in tampa florida

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