Beautiful Sunset Strip Home by McClean Design


Los Angeles, California is definitely one of the most appealing places in the United States – maybe even the world.  Each year, the start studded city of Los Angeles attracts millions of people – some who just come to visit; others who come to chase their dreams. But even if you have no interest of being a star, there’s something about L.A. that makes people want to say they’ve been there.  Even though L.A. has a lot to offer, when most people visit that part of California, looking at homes – unless they belong to celebrities – is probably the last thing on their minds. However, thanks to the hard work of California-based McClean Design, that’s about to change.  The group’s Sunset Strip project is a home located in Los Angeles that is fit for a star. Comprised of three structures, the main house is two-story structure. Just to get to the house, residence and visitors must enter the gated drive way – complete with guard house.

Modern, spacious, and beautiful – the home is complete with all of the amenities a person could need. Both inside and out, the home boasts the best designs and materials. With plenty of natural lighting, the home features a master bedroom suite, incredible views of the city, a pool, and a spa. With its prime location and perfect design, this home is definitely an attention grabber for all who see it.  Check out these photos of the beautiful Sunset Strip home by McClean Design.

Sunset-Strip-17 Sunset-Strip-16 Sunset-Strip-15 Sunset-Strip-14 Sunset-Strip-13 Sunset-Strip-12 Sunset-Strip-11 Sunset-Strip-10 Sunset-Strip-09 Sunset-Strip-08 Sunset-Strip-07 Sunset-Strip-06 Sunset-Strip-05 Sunset-Strip-04 Sunset-Strip-03 Sunset-Strip-02 Sunset-Strip-01

Photos courtesy of McClean Design


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