Beautiful Historic Estate In Charleston Listed For $7 Million

John Ravenel house in Charleston SC

Charleston is one of the most well-known cities in the southern United States. With a rich history that dates back to the country’s early days, Charleston has a unique culture that mixes the best of small town America with city life. Known for being home to many wealthy families, Charleston has lots of charm and even more beautiful architecture. Recently, one of the most beautiful homes in the area has hit the market with a whopping asking price o $7 million. The large historic home, which has more than 11,500 square-feet of living space, and looks like something that came straight from the pages of an architecture magazine. The home, which once belonged to the prestigious Ravenel family, is a local landmark that draws people from far and wide. With seven bedrooms, and seven full bathrooms, the house has plenty of space and a classic timeless look that makes the home feel modern and fresh.

The home also features beautiful views and smooth hardwood flooring throughout. According to the property’s listing, “With grand piazzas and a drawing room that extends across the full front of the house, there is something so special about this stately house and the ethereal and ever changing light of Charleston Harbor that is nothing less than magical.” Whoever purchases this home will become the owner of one of Charleston’s most recognizable pieces of property. Although the $7 million price tag is more than many people can afford, it’s not often that people get the chance to own a home with so much history. Check out this lovely historic home in Charleston.

John Ravenel house in Charleston SC  John Ravenel house in Charleston SC John Ravenel house in Charleston SC

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