10 Beautiful Bedrooms with Coffered Ceilings

Yellow Bedroom with Coffered Ceiling

Many don’t view the ordinary ceiling as an architectural or decorative element in a room, thinking of it as something that’s best kept plain. Coffered ceilings, on the other hand, are meant to shine and can even be a focal point. This timeless piece of architecture is comprised of sunken panels that line the ceiling and has been used for centuries in interior design. Coffered ceilings can be used anywhere, from living areas, entries, and kitchens to bathrooms, but they truly shine in the bedroom. Here are ten beautiful bedrooms with coffered ceilings.

1. The perfect texture

Coastal Bedroom With Coffered Ceiling

The ceiling in this bedroom incorporates wood panels, which not only lends the space textural interest but greatly adds to the coastal theme. Having two tones makes the coffered ceiling stand out even more, and it’s highlighted by an artistic light fixture. Using a similar color of wood for the flooring brings the entire look together.

2. Classic beams meet contemporary fabrics

Black Beam Bedroom

Coffered ceilings can be in many shapes, and including rectangular panels carved by traditional beams. What makes this bedroom particularly stunning is how it uses a monochrome color palette throughout the area — even the ceiling fan is a cool shade of gray. The black beams on the ceiling perfectly complement the black that frames the windows and can be seen in the space’s decorative accents.

3. A striking modern maze

Teenage Bedroom with Coffered Ceiling

The fun thing about coffered ceilings is how much they seem to pop out, and this bedroom takes that concept to another level. The entire room has a maze theme and the centerpiece of the area is the vibrant purple coffered ceiling with a lighter purple background. The maze motif can be seen behind the bed and along the walls as well. It’s modern, fun, and the perfect space for a teen.

4. The right way to pair dark walls with a white ceiling

Navy Blue Bedroom with Coffered Ceilings

Putting a very dark accent wall in any room can be tricky, especially if the remaining walls and ceiling are left white. This bedroom, however, nails how to do it with style. Navy blue and shades of white dominate the space, capped off by a classic white coffered ceiling and a geometric light fixture. Adding a few decor pieces brings this contemporary haven together.

5. Vibrant color and a bold design

Yellow Bedroom with Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceilings in spaces filled with color are often best left neutral, such as in this bedroom. The mix of bold hues and luxe patterns all works because of the windows and ceiling being done in white — any other color and the room would feel like a chaotic jumble of colors. The ceiling in this room is subtly accented with strips of inlaid lighting.

6. Southern charm and understated luxury

Dallas Bedroom with Coffered Ceilings

A coffered ceiling does double duty in this bedroom by complementing a beautiful light fixture and providing architectural interest. Lights are also inlaid in several segments of the ceiling to make the large area brighter. The entire aesthetic of the room is luxurious and contemporary, with a few touches of glam in the chandelier, mirror, and great fabrics. Since the walls are painted a light teal color, having the ceiling, baseboards, and fireplace in the same white shade provides cohesion.

7. A lavish mystique

Luxury Master Bedroom with Coffered Ceilings

This luxurious bedroom is so large that having a coffered ceiling comprised of multiple panels would be too imposing. Instead, the designer of the space chose to make one long, layered panel, highlighted by a dramatic chandelier. Because of the size of the bedroom, having an inky carpet, deep chocolate wood along both walls, and black decorative accents isn’t overwhelming — in a smaller bedroom, the combination of dark colors would create a closed in feeling. Here, the result is exotic, sultry, and quite sumptuous.

8. Glam lighting and a fabulous pillar

Lighted Bedroom

Coffered ceilings work well in bedrooms that are glamorous because they’re far from plain. Pairing such an element with a padded accent wall, sweeping drapes, and a gorgeous chandelier create a room that’s elegant and upscale. A pillar in the room covered with glittering tiles brings even more glamour to the space, along with a touch of femininity. To make sure the ceiling’s details didn’t get lost in this bedroom, it was a good idea to place small accent lights where the sections join together.

9. A cool, calm, and collected bedroom

Beekman Bedroom Coffered Ceilings

The ceiling in this bedroom is quite grand and is made even more distinctive with a background that matches the wallpaper on one of the room’s accent walls. A ceiling fan made of rich wood complements the rest of the coffered ceiling and fits the entire vibe of the space.

A lovely light aquamarine paint covers the remaining walls, and elegant light fixtures hang above the seating area and beds, making for an interesting alternative to bedside lamps. Neutral tones in the bedding, art prints, seating, and window treatments are accented by occasional pops of bold blue. Using cool tones through the space makes it look quite relaxing and soothing.

10. Traditional with a touch of whimsy

Traditional Bedroom with Coffered Ceiling

The style of a coffered ceiling can dramatically add to the feeling of a bedroom, and this space is a great example of that. Chunky wood makes the area feel warm and cozy, plus it works well with the other decor and furniture in the room. This bedroom has an overall traditional feel with a splash of whimsy, thanks to fun art prints and the twisted decorative columns on the fireplace.

A seating area separated from the rest of the room has its own ceiling that’s too small to continue the coffered design in the main room. However, painting the ceiling in the seating area the same color helps it blend in.


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