Atlanta GA Suburb Now Offering Low-Cost Homes For Artists

Outside of artists' cottage near atlanta ga

These days, it seems like artists are not receiving the appreciation they deserve, but one art school near Atlanta GA is looking to make a change. The Serenbe Institute for Art, Culture & the Environment has recently two homes just south of Atlanta GA which are to be used as affordable housing for artists who are in residency. Although the homes are meant to be low-cost, their looks certainly don’t reflect that. Designed by students at Auburn University’s Rural Studio, both residents feature intricate and beautiful designs that combine the best of architecture and art. The students were tasked to use materials in a creative way, and it’s clear that they have definitely succeeded in bringing their visions to life. Both homes, which feature one bedroom and one bathroom, are connected to each other to allow for artists to have their own space while having the option to collaborate when they want to.

Although the target price was $20,000, the homes cost a total of $135,000 to build and were put up in just about five months. Despite being over budget, these two residents were still considerably less expensive than most homes. With such low costs, it may be possible for other areas to duplicate this idea. While some people may not understand the importance of building these units, those who support the arts know just how much it means to have something like this available. If these properties are successful, it may lead to more support and bigger growth in the future. Check out these beautiful homes for artists near Atlanta GA.

artist cottage kitchen


bedroom in artists cottage


living room in artists' cottage living room at home near atlanta ga

living room at home near atlanta ga

Outside of artists' cottage near atlanta ga

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