Architect Turns Basement Into The Ultimate Lego Lounge


Those of you who like LEGO and architecture are about to be treated to something incredible. Seattle-based architect and owner of Board & Vellum,  Jeffrey Pelletier not only renovated an old that home that was built in 1902, he also did something unusual and special to his basement.   Pelletier turned a portion of the basement into an amazing lounge that included organized storage for his 250,000 LEGO bricks and accessories.  Not only is this room LEGO friendly,  it’s also stocked with a bar for taking breaks during those 24 hour LEGO building marathons. The project was built by N & R Construction, with casework created by Evan Scott Cabinet and Furniture.   Here’s a more detailed description:

Dubbed the Lego Lounge, the basement includes a bar, a media room, laundry, storage and a guest bedroom. “We really got a lot of bang for the use of that footage,” says Pelletier. Although it can be a hassle lowering a basement floor the way Pelletier did, he ended up with an extra floor of living space without having to expand the home’s shell. Shelves keep Pelletier’s Lego pieces neatly arranged. Kellen is only 1, so he hasn’t developed an interest in playing with the Legos yet — or removing them from their carefully organized cases.

Check out the video as well:

And here are a couple more pictures for good measure:



photos via Board & Vellum


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