The App That Could Eliminate Lockboxes from Real Estate


Property access is a key element in the process of ensuring that real estate agents are able to effectively carry out their responsibilities. For years, the primary mode of access for realtors to enter properties when no one is at home has been the use of lockboxes; however, the use of lockboxes creates certain security risks. Until now, these risks have been mitigated in the best ways possible, but they still exist.

Fortunately, technology has finally answered the bell — providing a safer alternative to traditional lockboxes — the Prempoint mobile app. Recently, Prempoint Inc. launched the integration of its real-time access and messaging app that features Schlage Control smart locks. The introduction of this new technology theoretically eliminates the need for lockboxes in order to gain access to available properties, subsequently eliminating all of the inherent security issues associated with them.

This new application, when combined with Schlage Control Smart Locks, provides property managers and realtors with the capacity for keyless access to doors and security systems for their listings of for-sale properties, vacation properties and rentals. This new app provides seamless access and it eradicates some common issues associated with lockboxes, such as lost keys and unauthorized duplication of keys.

Other benefits of the Prempoint app that are being celebrated is the improved aesthetic appeal in comparison to the lockbox hanging on the door knob. Another massive benefit of this new technology is the fact that it eliminates the visual indicator that the property is likely unoccupied. Even further, this technology provides property owners and managers with the capacity to efficiently allow or deny access in real time — creating the ability to facility maintenance, property showings, allow vacationers access without the need to be on site. The app also has easy URL integration with other sites, such as scheduling systems and MLS — promoting a more convenient access and communication for all involved.

This type of access provides realtors with a level of flexibility that they do not have with lockbox systems, all while increasing security for the property, as well as realtors. The Prempoint app with Schlage Control Smart Locks is definitely one of the most versatile and innovative solutions available on the market. The app provides a level of functionality that creates an added value to the current product line at Prempoint Inc., especially as it relates to increasing the level of security provided for unoccupied homes and buildings.

The CEO of Prempoint, Mathew Hartley, adds, “The partnership with an industry leader like Schlage will help us reach realtors and property managers committed to providing the highest levels of advanced digital security, delivering the best possible customer service and eliminating the concerns their homeowners have about traditional lockbox technology.”

Beyond its access capabilities, the application also provides a number of other benefits, including facilitating comprehensive communication between renters, buyers, sellers and vendors, as well as serving as a storage center for videos, work-orders, photos, sales and rental agreements and more. Additionally, the industry will be able to leverage the aggregate psychographic and demographic data that is collected through the widespread use of the system — meaning that realtors will be able to collect customer intelligence on how buyers and sellers behave in specific situations — allowing them to better serve their clients.

It is important to take a look at this new technology from a panoramic perspective, in order to gain a complete appreciation for what it means to the industry. From an operational and security perspective, it moves the industry light years ahead of the digital lockbox technology that has been used to this point. As mentioned earlier, it also helps in the area of aesthetics, by allowing for the removal of those unattractive lockboxes.

What might not be as apparent is the capacity of this technology to help realtors develop and maintain their competitive edge. As with the rest of the business world, the real estate market is as competitive as it has ever been. A significant part of the increased intensity as far as competition goes is due to the increase in customer knowledge and education. The vast expanse of the internet and the multitudinous platforms that have been launched from it, has provided the consumer with an almost infinite amount of information. Today’s consumer is more educated about the buying experience than any time in history.

The existence of a more knowledgeable consumer base has created an environment in which customers have higher expectations than ever before. They don’t simply want good service or a good product, they also want a good buying experience. For realtors who are able to provide their clients with an exceptional buying or selling experience, they will be in a better position to experience customer loyalty, which includes repeat business, referrals and positive reviews.

Because the Prempoint app not only provides seamless access and elevated security, but also logs and collects data, realtors will be in a better position to understand what their customers are looking for, as well as being aware of how their clients will respond to certain services.

In a climate in which the slightest nuances can have a huge impact on the perceived experience, this application opens the doors for realtors to be more responsive and engaged with their customers.

As this technology is still in its infancy stage, it can be reasonably expected that the functionality and benefits associated with its use will increase exponentially over the years. There is already mention of the different designs that are offered with the Smart Door Locks offered by Schlage, lending to the aesthetic appeal of the app technology and operational systems involved. As realtors and property managers continue to weigh in and share their insight, the industry can expect to see even greater improvements to an already exceptional and innovative system.

Some of the designs that are currently available include, Greenwich and Addison styles in aged bronze, satin chrome, satin nickel, matte black and bright chrome. The collection is expected to expand in the coming months, and the functionality of the app is also expected to increase significantly in the coming years.


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