Amazing Bungalow in Kerala Only Cost $92,000 To Construct

Kerala Bungalow 1

Creo Homes is one of the leading home interior designers in Cochin, Kerala, and today we want to share one of their amazing pieces of work.    Costing only $92,000 to construct, this Bungalow is the perfect setting for a family.  Boasting 4 bedrooms and 2800 square feet of space, the home is nestled into a gorgeous setting with beautiful surroundings.   All of the bedrooms are attached and there’s even a swimming pool on the first floor.

There are four bathrooms all with modern fixtures.  The home has somewhat of a minimalist approach utilizing neutral tones and pastels giving it a peaceful, calm look.  Using both modern architecture as well as perfect symmetry, each room looks like its own modern drawing of itself.

If you’ve ever thought about moving to Kerala, Creo Homes is the company you should be calling to design your home.

Check out the pictures below:

Kerala Bungalow 2

Kerala Bungalow 3

Kerala Bungalow 4

Kerala Bungalow 5

Kerala Bungalow 6

Kerala Bungalow 7

Kerala Bungalow 8

Kerala Bungalow 9

Kerala Bungalow 10

Written by Brian McCaw

Brian is a lover of all things real estate including photography, architecture, news, and so much more.