A Collection of 10 Unique Lamp Design Ideas

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Lighting is a practical concern in most any home.  However, it can be much more than that.  I personally find lighting to be one of the most important elements to a home.  Nothing can ruin a house more than bad lighting.  On the flip side, nothing can create warmth and a cozy setting more than excellent lighting.  Using the right lamp or lampshade can cast the entire room in a different light or serve as a work of art on its own.   Speaking of which, we decided to grab some desk lamps that we know will get your attention.

There are a million different things that artists can do with light. They can color it, block it, brighten it or even bend it.  Not to mention they can create some incredible designs and themes with their lamps.  If you want to have an interesting work space you might consider one of these lamps.

And while we know that there are tons more cool lamp designs out there these 10 are pretty fantastic.

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