A Clock That Changes Shape When You Walk Around It


Remember when you first saw the Harry Potter films and you were amazed by how the paintings at Hogwarts would move?  Even the pages in newspapers were animated.   You probably thought to yourself, “how awesome would that be if it were real?”  Using inspiration from films like Potter or even Lord of the Rings, designer J.P. Meulendijks has created a wall clock for small art retailer by the name of Plankton, that appears to change shape when it’s looked at from different angles.

However, upon closer review, you can see that the numbers on the clock face area are made up of little white balls that ‘float’ at different heights.  When you move around the clock, for example side to side, the numbers dissolve and transform into different shapes resulting in an optical illusion, and making the clock appear more as a piece of art than a device to tell time.

So no, we’re not quite at the Lord of the Rings stage with our clock technology but this would be a fine addition to any home looking to add something contemporary as well as challenging to the eyes.  We’ve got a few more pictures below:





Image credit: J.P.Meulendijks, Plankton


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