7 Great Rules All Home Buyers Should Know

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Buying a home is one of the most important purchases that a person will ever make. However, it is not an area that most people have lots of experience in. In fact, there are some people who may only purchase one home throughout their entire lives, and as a result, they may be unaware of some of the etiquette rules that should be followed when looking to purchase a home. With that being said, nobody likes to be left in the dark on anything they should know – especially when it comes to something as serious as buying a piece of property. Whether you’re a seasoned buyer or looking to purchase your very first home, here are 7 great rules all home buyers should know.

Know what you can afford

When looking for a house, it is important to know what you can realistically afford. Getting pre-approved for a home loan can let you know what type of home you should be looking for. According to one realtor, “It is simply misleading to look at a home you don’t know you qualify for.” After all, agents put in lots of time and effort into showings, and it is unfair to waste an agent’s time by looking at a property that may not be anywhere near your price range.

Be on time

Being on time is an etiquette rule in almost all situations, and home buying is no different. If you make an appointment with your real estate agent, it’s important that you not only show up, but be sure to show up on time. Showing up late can not only reflect poorly on you, but it can also make the agent look back if they’ve asked the current owner to leave the house for the showing.

Take your shoes off

Although some people don’t mind shoes being worn in their home, when you’re looking at a property, it is always polite to remove your shoes. According to Coldwell Banker’s Brenda Hayward, “You may be asked to remove your shoes or even wear surgical booties.”

Don’t show up with your whole crew

Although it’s always nice to have the opinions of family and friends, a showing isn’t the time to bring everyone and ask what they think. “You may want to save that for once you’ve narrowed down your choices to your top two to three properties. Sometimes, too many opinions can be confusing and overwhelming, and add unnecessary time to the property tour,” says one agent. Also, if possible, it’s a good idea to leave your children at home while you go look at properties.

Ask before taking photos

In this day and age, taking out your cell phone to snap a few picture is probably second nature. However, when you’re looking at a home, it is always polite to ask before you start taking pictures.

Don’t hang around too long

Of course, you want to take your time when viewing a home that you’re interested in, but you don’t want to spend so long that you’re just lingering around. Typical visits can last 15-3o minutes. If you find yourself very interested in the property or still needing additional time, you can always set up a second showing.

Avoid excessive visits

As mentioned previously, a second visit may be necessary. However, you do not want to make a habit out of visiting the same property. According Cara Ameer, a realtor with Coldwell Banker, “One, two, or even three visits is typically acceptable prior to making an offer. If you must return more than that, make sure this is a home you are seriously considering.

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