Five Things To Know Before Moving To Salem MA

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When most people think of Salem MA, the infamous witch trials are the first that come to mind. In fact, for many people, Salem’s haunted history has overshadowed its present. However, those who are familiar with the city know that there’s much more to Salem than what the history books hold. These days, Salem is a thriving place with a cool culture and some pretty interesting places to go. Each year, Salem welcomes new residents, and most of them have no idea what to expect. Well, as with any move, it’s always best to have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into before you decide to load up the moving truck. While you won’t know everything until you actually make the move, here are five things to know before moving to Salem MA.

Delicious seafood everywhere

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One of the perks of living in a city near the sea (besides having easy access to the beach) is the ability to get fresh seafood on a regular basis. With that being said, seafood lovers will certainly love the incredible seafood options that Salem has to offer. No matter what type of dishes you enjoy, you’ll definitely be able to find something to please your palate.

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Cool places to walk

essex street in salem ma

For most people, one of the cool things about living in a big city is the ability to ditch your car and enjoy walking. Well, Salem certainly isn’t a big city, but it’s still a pretty pedestrian friendly place. There are lots of great places to walk in Salem, especially Essex Street. This classic cobblestone street is full of interesting things to see and because it’s closed to cars, you can enjoy your walk without having to worry about dealing with angry drivers.

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Halloween can get crazy

Halloween in Salem MA

If there’s one thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of Salem, it’s the Salem Witch Trials. During the 1600s and again in the 1800s, several Salem residents were accused of performed witch craft, and were sentenced to death. Well with a history so deeply rooted in witchcraft and the super natural, you can imagine that things in Salem can get pretty hectic around Halloween. Each year, countless people flock to the city in hopes of getting a good scare for Halloween. If you’re into haunted happenings and big crowds, then you’ll probably enjoy this time of year. However, for those who don’t really feel like being bothered, Halloween could easily become your least favorite holiday.

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Great education

Salem State University

As a whole, Massachusetts is pretty well-known for its great public school systems. Salem itself is home to some very good grade schools. The city also boasts the largest college in the Massachusetts university system: Salem State University. The school was founded in 1854, and now consists of more than 30 buildings and thousands of students.

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The northeast has a reputation for being pretty expensive, and Massachusetts is no exception. While Salem certainly isn’t the most expensive place in the world, as a part of the greater Boston area, you can expect to pay a pretty decent amount of money to live in the city. The average price for a home is over $300,000, and the average rent for an apartment is over $1,000.

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