Five Things You Didn’t Know About Las Vegas NV

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Known as Sin City, Las Vegas NY is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country – if not the world. This beautifully lit city has transformed the desert into a place full of fun and excitement, and everybody knows that what happens in Vegas, stays there. From night clubs to casinos, Las Vegas is all about having fun and enjoying the moment. But while you may think there’s nothing more to Las Vegas than good times and gaming, the city actually has a pretty interesting history that extends beyond its famous casinos. In fact, Vegas is full of surprises, and many of which you won’t believe. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Las Vegas NV.

People live under the city

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Las Vegas NV is one of those places where nothing really seems out of the ordinary, so it should come as no surprise that there are an estimated 1000 people who actually live underneath the city. That’s right, under the city. According to reports, there are more than 300 miles of underground passage ways in the city, and they’ve become people’s homes. Nicknamed mole people, there are many homeless people in the city who have taken refuges in old underground tunnels.

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The brightest place on earth

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If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas you know that even in the middle of the night the city can light up the sky. Well apparently, Las Vegas is actually brighter than you could have imagined. In fact, from outer space, Las Vegas is the brightest place on the entire earth.

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The number four is bad luck

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Luck is something that is no joke in Las Vegas. After all, there’s a lot of luck that goes into gambling, and most people talk their superstitions very seriously. With that being said; however, while you may be pretty familiar with the idea that the number 13 is bad luck, in some Asian cultures it is actually the number four that is to be avoided. As a result, there are many hotels in Las Vegas that have omitted the number four completely from its floors.

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Prostitution is illegal

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With its reputation, many people would assume that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas, but that isn’t the case. After all,with a slogan like ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ it’s no secret that things can get pretty wild in this desert city. Plus there have been several movies and stories which have highlighted prostitution taking place in the city, and at this point it’s just something that has gotten engrained in many people’s minds. Well, you can’t believe everything you see, and you certainly can’t believe everything you hear. Although prostitution is legal in most places in Nevada, Las Vegas simply isn’t one of them.

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Once known as “The Mississippi of the West”

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When most people think of Las Vegas, ‘anything goes’ is the kind of atmosphere they envision. Surpassingly; however, Sin City wasn’t always such an accepting place. For decades, Las Vegas was nicknamed “The Mississippi of the West” and was known for practicing strict segregation policies that banned African-American workers from many jobs.

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