Five Family Friendly Things To Do In San Jose California

Fountain in San Jose California

Located in the infamous Silicon Valley, San Jose is the third largest city in California, and the tenth largest city in the country. Due to its location, San Jose is a popular place for people who work in nearby areas, and its beautiful weather makes it a very attractive destination. With that being said, there’s no better way to enjoy a great place than to get out and have some fun with your loved ones. While some may think that most of California’s major cities are only about partying and nightlife, San Jose has plenty of options that will be great for the whole family. From beautiful parks to awesome water activities, there is no shortage of great things to do. Here are five family friends things to do in San Jose California.

Kelley Park

Kelley Park San Jose California

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy the beautiful weather with your family, then Kelley Park is where you need to be. Unlike a traditional park, this location has everything you and your family will need to have a good time, and on top of that, the scenery is absolutely beautiful. This 156 acre park has more than enough space and also houses several other interesting places including the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo.

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Emerald Hills Golfland


No matter how old you get, a place like Golfland will always be fun. There’s just something about playing mini golf that brings out the friendly competitor in us all. However, at Golfland, you’re in for an extra special treat. This all in one family fun center offers much more than the name suggests. Aside from mini golf, customers can also enjoy an arcade and several different water slides. If you’ve got a family full of picky people, this is an ideal place. With the different options, it shouldn’t be hard for everyone to find something that they enjoy.

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Rockin Jump in San Jose California

Over the last several years, trampoline parks have become extremely popular all over the country; if you’ve ever been to know you know exactly why. Thanks to these huge spaces filled with oversized trampolines, people can enjoy bouncing and jumping like never before. Although these places are usually geared towards younger children, they can be fun for people of all ages, and for adults, they can be a great way to let loose and burn some energy. If you feel like you’re too old to enjoy something like this, you can always just convince yourself that your kids will love it – which they will.

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Sharks Ice

Sharks ice skating rink

Whether you love the NHL or simply love ice skating, Sharks Ice is one place that you’ll definitely want to go. As one of the largest ice skating rinks in the country, Sharks Ice attracts people from far and wide. This indoor ice skating facility, which is used as the official practice rink for the San Jose Sharks, is perfect for families who want to enjoy some time together on the ice. This nearly 170,000 square-foot space features a pro shop, a sports bar, a full restaurant, and areas to hold birthday parties.

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Raging Waters

families having fun at raging waters in san jose california

What better way to get out an enjoy the beautiful San Jose weather than to spend some time cooling off? Raging Waters, the largest water park in Northern California, is a family friend place that has attractions for people of all sizes and ages. Whether you enjoy intense high-speed water slides, or prefer to kick back in the lazy river, you can definitely get your water fix at this awesome water park.

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