5 of the Coolest Things To Do In Sacramento

Capital building in Sacramento

When it comes to California, the city of Sacramento is often overlooked and forgotten by out-of-towners. Despite being the capital city, Sacramento isn’t typically somewhere that people would consider one of the most popular in the state. After all, it is pretty hard to compete with places like Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, with that being said, Sacramento has more to offer than most people realize, and if you’re ever in the area, finding something to do shouldn’t be too difficult. From beaches to museums to interesting sites, Sacramento has it all. Whether you’re just stopping by for a quick trip, or have recently moved to the city, here are 5 cool things to do in Sacramento.

The B Street Theater

The B Street Theater in sacramento

If you love professional theater, you’ll definitely want to make a stop by B Street. Opened in 1986, the B Street Theater has been a staple in Sacramento for 30 years. Initially founded as a theater for children, the location has expanded to include a wide variety of shows and also hosts a number of workshops and classes. The venue’s small setting allows for guests to have intimate experiences and the stage is easily viewable from any seat in the house.

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Sacramento Zoo

Sacramento Zoo welcome sign

No matter how old you are, the zoo is always a great option when you’re looking for something to do. Plus, if you have children, this option will be even more appealing. The Sacramento Zoo, which has been opened for nearly 90 years, is home to more than 500 animals and consists of just a little more than 14 acres. The zoo offers kid friendly exhibits for younger guests, and more in depth areas for older visitors. Aside from giving guests a chance to animals, there is also an educational component to many exhibits that allows people to walk away with some new knowledge.

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Wine tasting

Filling wine glass

When it comes to wine, California is easily one of the first places that comes to mind. After all, the states “Wine Country” has become infamous for producing some of the highest quality grapes, and of course, Sacramento is included in this list of beautiful places. With that being said, it goes without saying that a trip to the city isn’t complete without stopping for a little wine tasting. There are several wineries throughout Sacramento, each with some very pallet pleasing offerings. If you’ve got the time, you can even make a whole day out of traveling to the different wineries throughout the city.

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American River Bike Trail

American River Bike Trail Sacramento

If there’s one thing you have to do while you’re in Sacramento, it’s get out and enjoy the weather, and what better place to do that than on the American River Bike Trail. Also known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, this area is popular for cyclists who are looking to exercise or commute. With 32 miles of paved cycling space, the trail is considered one of the longest in the country, and is used by about 5 million people ever year.

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Food Tour

Food Tour in Sacramento

One of the best things about traveling or moving to a new place is getting a chance to experience some of the local food. No matter how good the food is where you’re from, there’s just something about trying new foods and restaurants that is irresistible to most people. Well, if you’re looking for some cool food options while you’re in Sacramento, you’re in luck. The city’s Local Roots Food Tours is all about giving people a chance to experience some of the best food in Sacramento. The tour’s mission is to, “grow Californians’ and visitor’s collective appetite for the delicious bounty of fresh, locally produced food that talented chefs use daily in our restaurants, specialty shops, and stores. With sumptuous fare we tie in the architecture, historical insights, and stories about the personalities that forged this region.” The company offers several different types of tours and promises to have you leave feeling satisfied.

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