30 Items to Declutter Your Home and Reclaim Your Space


While some items serve us well for a time, others quietly outstay their welcome, becoming clutter. A purge might be in order if you feel cramped in your living space or your closet is overflowing. Here are 30 things to throw out today to rejuvenate your home and yourself.

Expired Makeup


That mascara from last year? It’s a breeding ground for bacteria. Toss out old cosmetics to keep your skin healthy and avoid irritations or infections. Freshen up your makeup drawer with essentials you’ll actually use.

Old Shoes


Worn-out soles and fraying laces aren’t just eyesores; they can cause foot pain and posture problems. If your shoes are past their prime, it’s time to let them go and invest in a pair that supports your feet and your style.

Stale Spices


If your spices have lost their aroma, they’ve likely lost their flavor, too. Revitalize your cooking by discarding any spices that have been sitting on the shelf for over a year and replacing them with fresh jars.

Wet Wipes


Even “flushable” wipes can clog pipes and cause septic issues. If you have old or dried-out wipes, dispose of them responsibly and consider more environmentally friendly alternatives for quick cleanups.

Wire Hangers

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They can ruin the shape of your clothes and create an untidy look in your closet. Swap out flimsy wire hangers for sturdy, slim-line models to keep your wardrobe in perfect form.

Air Fresheners


Many contain chemicals that can be harmful to breathe in. Instead, opt for natural alternatives like essential oil diffusers or indoor plants that keep your home smelling fresh.

Plastic Containers


Warped or scratched containers can harbor bacteria and leak chemicals into your food. Upgrade to glass or BPA-free plastic to ensure your storage is safe and sustainable.

Clogged Air Filters


Your HVAC system will work harder if it has a dirty filter, reducing air quality and increasing energy bills. Check and replace them regularly to keep the air clean and utility bills low.

Dried Flowers


While they offer a nostalgic touch, dried flowers collect dust and can exacerbate allergies. Consider modern, low-maintenance house plants for a bit of greenery that cleans the air.

Old Electronics


Not only do they take up space, but they also contain hazardous materials. Properly recycle old electronics to clear out clutter and keep harmful substances out of landfills.

Microwave Popcorn


Microwave popcorn bags often contain unhealthy additives linked to respiratory issues when cooked. Switch to air-popped popcorn seasoned with your favorite spices for a healthier, safer snack.

Coffee Pods


Used pods pile up in landfills and contribute to plastic waste. Embrace the ritual of brewing with a French press or a reusable pod that you can fill with your choice of coffee grounds.

Scented Candles

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Over time, scented candles can lose their fragrance and accumulate dust. To clear shelf space, discard old candles and consider soy or beeswax candles with natural scents for future use.

Old Bras


An ill-fitting bra can cause back pain and discomfort. If your bras no longer support you properly, it’s time to find new ones that fit and flatter.

Fabric Sprays


The chemicals in fabric sprays can cause irritation to the skin and lungs. Replace them with a homemade fabric freshener using water, vinegar, and essential oils.

Old Paint

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Old cans of paint can be hazardous if they leak or are improperly stored. Reduce waste by disposing of them at a hazardous waste facility and only purchasing what you need for future projects.

Pressed-Wood Products

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Furniture made from pressed wood releases formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. You might want to consider replacing chipped or broken pieces with metal or solid wood ones.

Cheap Jewelry

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Costume jewelry made from low-quality materials can tarnish and irritate skin. Clear out anything that’s lost its luster or caused discomfort, keeping only the pieces that bring you joy.

Old Non-Stick Cookware


Scratched and damaged non-stick surfaces can release harmful chemicals into your food. For safer cooking, ditch them and opt for well-maintained stainless steel or cast iron pans.

Off-Brand Phone Chargers

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These can pose a fire hazard if they’re poorly made. You can ensure safety and efficiency by investing in chargers from reputable brands.

Old Contact Lens Case


Using an old case can expose your eyes to bacteria, leading to infections. To keep your eyes healthy, replace your lens case every three months.


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The chemicals in mothballs are toxic and can cause health issues. To protect garments, explore natural alternatives like cedar blocks or lavender sachets.

Small Space Heaters

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Older models without automatic shut-offs or tip-over protection can be a fire hazard. Upgrade to a safer model to keep warm during colder months.

Old Water Bottles

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Reusable water bottles need to be cleaned regularly to prevent mold growth. If yours is past its best, consider a stainless steel or glass replacement.

Worn Extension Cords


Frayed or damaged cords are a serious safety risk. Dispose of them properly and replace them with new ones that meet current safety standards.

Old Power Strips


Like extension cords, aged power strips can be dangerous. Update to newer, surge-protected models to safeguard your electronics and your home.

Oven Cleaner

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Harsh chemicals found in some oven cleaners can be harmful to your health. Look for eco-friendly alternatives, or use a simple mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

Old Pancake Mix


An expired pancake mix can harbor mold and bacteria, which can make you sick. Keep your pantry fresh and only stock what you can use within a reasonable timeframe.

Unused Medications


Expired or unused medications should not be kept as they can lose potency and become unsafe. Take them to a pharmacy that offers a drug take-back program.

Outdated Magazines


Old magazines can quickly accumulate and take up valuable space, even if they’re fun to flip through. Recycle them or pass them on to waiting rooms where they can be enjoyed by others.


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