The 20 Worst Movie Roles of Highly Acclaimed Actors


Sometimes bad things happen to good people. In Hollywood, sometimes bad roles happen to great actors. There are some people who are just so talented in their craft, but a simple mistake such as bad casting, bad directing or bad writing or editing can make them look like complete fools. That’s why so many celebrities often try to forget about some of their most embarrassing roles and focus instead o roles that are more appropriate and actually good. But we can’t forget some of the worst roles of the some of the best actors in the business. What fun would that be?

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Will Smith – Seven Pounds

We can all be honest when we say that this entire movie, his acting and his role in general were just not good ones. This was so bad that he was unable to actually work the role into anything even remotely close to believable, and that is kind of sad in a way that we cannot even describe to you. We hope that he is better able to choose better roles in the future, because this one made us all really sad. And he’s a great actor who typically makes good decisions, so we were even more upset by this one.

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Forest Whitaker – Battlefield Earth

What on earth was this role? It was the worst role he’s ever had and we cannot even believe he was able to accept it after reading this very sad script. It was one of the most shockingly sad roles we’ve ever seen a great actor portray, and we hope that whoever encouraged him to accept this role will not be so quick to do so again in the future. We like him better when he sticks to things he can do really well, since that’s what makes him so awesome.

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Cate Blanchett – Indiana Jones

We love her and we love the Indiana Jones films, but we did not love them together. For some reason, she was completely unable to put herself into the role and make it seem even remotely believable, and it was so hard for us to watch her try to be someone she clearly couldn’t be. The role was awkward and stilted and didn’t do much for her, and that’s a shame considering the unlimited talent she is so well-known for possessing.

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Colin Farrell – Daredevil

It was not his finest acting moment, and he knows it. The movie itself wasn’t the worst movie ever created, but it was certainly not a good movie, either. The role he played, however, was just not a good one. It was almost impossible to try and make any sense of what was happening in the film thanks in large part to that awful bullseye on his head. It was so distracting and so stupid looking that we forgot that there was a movie happening around it.

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Brad Pitt – Troy

The movie was not good. It was one of the worst adaptations of one of the most historical stories in all time, and it was sad all the way around. The movie was so bad that people just hated it, and Pitt’s character was so inconsistent people wondered what on earth was going on in the movie, and it was just a horrible concept all around. We hope he sticks to roles he’s good at from now on and bypasses things like this one.

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Ryan Gosling – Gangster Squad

He has made sure that he’s created a reputation for himself as being one of the most adaptable actors in all of Hollywood. He can be a romantic lead in a Nicholas Sparks’ film and he can be someone terrifying in another film. At this point in his career we are almost positive he can play anything and anyone given the opportunity. Except that he can’t and he didn’t in this particular film. It was weird and it felt as if he could not get into character and we were just not in love with it from the start.

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Nicole Kidman – The Invasion

She was just not good in this role. It was a terrible movie and the role was so not made for her. She is a brilliant and beautiful actress who would very likely rather forget all about this awful film she made back in 2007 when the world was a much lonelier place thanks to this kind of movie and the fact that someone thought to ask this brilliant woman to play this awful role.

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Julia Roberts – Mirror, Mirror

Do you remember this movie at all? No, we don’t remember it either. And that is good news for the queen of funny and romantic comedies. Roberts is such a good actress that she can play a funny role, a romantic role, a serious role, a real life human being; she can play a hooker and make her look classy and elegant, and she’s good at it. She’s just plain talented, but you would not know it at all if you saw this movie and didn’t know who she was beforehand.

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Leonardo DiCaprio – The Beach

He’s one of the most amazing actors of this generation, and this was not one of his finest moments. This movie was just not good. People flocked to see it thinking it had to be good starring him, but it wasn’t. In fact, this role was so bad it’s almost impossible for us to believe that this is the same man who played such amazing roles in movies such as “The Wolf of Wall Street,” and so many others. It’s really kind of sad.

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Julianne Moore – Next

Do you remember this movie with faces like Jessica Biel? It wasn’t very good as a whole, and that’s what was so surprising about the fact that such a talented and wonderful actress would take the role that she was offered in this film. We like to talk about the many roles that are given up by some of the best actresses in Hollywood that turned out to be quite awesome, but we often don’t consider these roles. The ones that aren’t good that people make the decision to accept.

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Samuel L. Jackson – Twisted

He did not do a good job in this role, which is so unlike him. Though as the years have gone on, we’ve seen him accept fewer and fewer good roles in favor of what appears to be roles that just pay him. Gerard Butler once read a mean tweet about him on Jimmy Kimmel that asked him if he had massive student loans that required him to take on such bad parts, and we kind of think that many Samuel L. Jackson might have a similar issue.

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Morgan Freeman – Dreamcatcher

There are few things in which Morgan Freeman is not stellar, and this is one of them. His role here is not one that anyone would be proud of if they had a choice, and for good reason. It’s just not a good one. He’s not good in the role, the movie was not all it was supposed to be and it was one of those roles you know he looks back on and wishes he would have turned down in a major way. Unfortunately, he did not and he very likely regrets that decision.

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Sigourney Weaver – Crazy on the Outside

If you don’t remember this movie, you are not alone. It was not a very good one, and it was not one that did her any favors. She was not good in the role, and she was not capable of doing the job that she was supposed to do to play this role. Though in all fairness, the role didn’t seem to be very well-written and it wasn’t the right fit for her. I’m sure she wishes she’d gone a different route with this one.

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Denzel Washington – Heart Condition

We just love and adore Denzel, and it’s probably safe to say that most people do. However, that does not mean he has not made a few mistakes of his own in accepting roles that are not good enough for him. This is a perfect example of one of those roles. It was not good. It was, in fact, so bad that we are shocked he was even able to play the role at all. We think that he should have just let this one slide and that he should have gone on to do something else.

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Robert Duvall – Four Christmases

The movie wasn’t as cute as it was supposed to be, especially considering the presence of both Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn. But it was the role of Robert Duvall that really wasn’t good. He’s a famous actor with an immense talent for his work, but he did not bring his A game in this film. In fact, he barely brought a game in this film. It just was not a good one and it’s something that we think he probably thought would be a lot better than it actually was.

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Dennis Hopper – Super Mario Brothers

We should start by mentioning here that there never, ever should have been a film made about the Mario Brothers. As much fun as we all had playing that game on the first even Nintendo station when we were growing up, it is not movie material. I mean, we all know this, and whatever made Dennis Hopper think that it had the potential to be turned into a respectable movie is beyond us. It was just terrible in every which way, and in more ways than just the acting.

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Robert DeNiro –Rocky and Bullwinkle

Again, here is another movie that should never have been made. And here is an actor that should never have agreed to star in a movie that should never have been made. We cannot even believe someone this talented and this great at his job was willing to take on this role. He’s a wealthy man; it’s not like he needed the paycheck and couldn’t wait for a good role to come around. We can’t figure this one out at all.

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Nicholas Cage – The Wicker Man

This is a movie that made no sense. I vaguely remember it, and I know it was bad. In fact, this could be the reason that Nicholas Cage hasn’t been in anything in forever. It could be the reason his life has become what it has become. All because he decided he should take on the worst role ever in the history of movies and somehow not even managed to play it well. It was just a mistake of epic proportions in so many ways, and we know with certainty that he looks back on this and regrets it in so many ways.

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Christopher Walken – Envy

The movie was such a flop that no one even remembers it. I mean, it stars several of the most famous and most hilarious actors around and no one remembers it. That says approximately nothing good about the film. But Christopher Walken’s role made it even worse. This is a film that he just did not have any business accepting a role in, and for very obvious reasons. It was bad, he was bad; there was nothing good about it in any way.

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Al Pacino – Gigli

Al Pacino is one of the most famous and the most amazing actors of our generation. He is so good in everything he does. Except this role. Though we can readily admit that the entire movie was just bad. it was the one J.Lo and Ben Affleck were in together, and it was just bad. There is no one redeemable thing about this role that is even worth discussing, and that’s what makes it even worse on certain levels. It was so bad that we can’t even figure out if the movie was bad or all the acting was bad. But since there were some good actors in it, we have to assume it was just the actually movie that was so bad that it flopped in a major way.

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