20 of the Most Welcoming Wooden Porches

classic style wooden porch

Porches can be the perfect addition to any house. Although large porches are often considered a southern thing, they have become popular in places all over the country. There’s just something about a beautiful porch that can really make a home feel inviting and cozy – before you even enter its doors. Seriously, if you’ve ever spent a nice day sitting out on the porch, you’ll know just how great porches can be. Whether you want to sit outside with a good book, or relax after a long day, porches can provide you with the perfect outdoor space. With that being said, porches, like everything else, come in a wide variety of designs and styles. From brick to stone, porches can be built to blend right in with the current look and feel of your house. However, even with the countless options that are available, there’s nothing like the classic look and feel of wood. Wood is very versatile and can be painted or stained to suit your taste. Whether you’re thinking of adding a porch to your home, or just want to admire some of the incredible designs that are out there – you’re about to get your fix.

Here are 20 welcoming wooden porches.

beautiful wooden porch

image via porch.cvhslaw.com

stunning long porch design

image via houzz.com

tropical beach front porch

image via www.aegive.com

small house with porch

image via www.drawhome.com

beautiful wooden home porch

image via www.homestratosphere.com

flat wooden porch

image via decowans.com

beautiful white wooden porch

image via www.signahome.com

beautiful wooden porch with chairs

image via www.frexone.com

beautiful log cabin with wooden porch

image via decolavish.com

prefab house with wooden porch

image via www.pockhouse.xyz

modern and trendy wooden porch

image via www.inspirehomes.xyz

beautiful wooden back porch

image via annsatic.com

stunning covered wooden porch

image via homedsgn.online

large house with cool wooden porch

image via www.afencecompany.com

simple square wooden porch

image via www.adesignideas.com

beautiful wooden front porch

image via vbrealtygroup.net

beautiful wooden front porch

image via signahome.com

rustic wooden porch design

image via 17house.com

beautiful wooden porch with a great view

image via amosbuilding.com

beautiful wooden porch with swing

image via www.builddirect.com

lead image via bobvila.com


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