20 Unique Lighting Options For Your Home

cool hanging bike with lighted wheels

Lighting is incredibly important to every home. We need light for obvious reasons, but on top of that, unique lighting can also add something to our homes. Interior design lovers know that every aspect of your space has the power to add or take away something, light fixtures are certainly no exception. But the thing with light fixtures is that we only notice them if they’re really ugly or really beautiful. Other than that, they don’t even cross most of our minds. With the perfect light fixtures in your home, you can definitely bring in some additional style and flair. But what’s the key to picking the perfect unique lighting options? It’s really as simple as thinking outside of the box. The main thing is learning to see light fixtures as more than just the traditional options you see on a regular basis. Use your imagination and envision some of your favorite items as things you can use for light. On top of that, you definitely want to think of things that will look good in your space. There’s no sense in trying to incorporate a light fixture that will only take away from the overall look of a room. Here are 20 unique lighting options for your home.

cool round hanging lights

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round red ring light fixture

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luxury kitchen with cool light fixtures

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unique dripping faucet light fixtures

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cool track lighting for kitchen

image via lowes.com

special lighting with exposed bulbs

image via http://marketmaison.com

ball of light in a metal cage

image via nakedapartments.com

cool modern dining room chandelier

image via cnreaders.com

modern kitchen with nautical theme

image via patahome.com

cute rectangular dining room light

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light fixture made from metal cans

image via lushome.com

unique holiday lighting

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cool decorative light fixtures

image via interiorcharm.com

cool bottle style light fixtures

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cool hanging pendant light fixtures

image via trendir.com

cool hanging rings with lights

image via chatreality.com

creative hallway lighting ideas

image via simplelocksmith.com

flea market flip light fixture

image via diynetwork.com

bathroom with round hanging light

image via totalfocusphoto.com

cool split hanging lamps

image via urikia.com

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