20 Trendy Modern Ceiling Fans

wooden modern ceiling fan

When the average person thinks of modern home decor, ceilings fans probably don’t even make the list. Like many other components in a home, ceiling fans are usually one of those things that don’t get much attention. And you’re probably thinking, ‘why should they?’ When you’re decorating and designing a space, you probably have way more important things to worry about. It’s not like ceiling fans do anything other than spin around all day, and because of that, most people don’t believe there’s much that these fans have to add.

That assumption couldn’t be any further from the truth. Although most ceiling fans tend to have a traditional design, modern ceiling fans are becoming a welcome fixture in many homes. These ‘new’ ceiling fans come in a wide array of designs, and many of them feature unique blades that come in many different shapes. Not only can modern ceiling fans get the job done, but they can also do it with some very serious style. With the warm weather causing everyone to look for new ways to cool down, it might be time to give your ceiling fan a second look.

Here are 20 trendy modern ceiling fans.

contemporary ceiling fan

image via houzz.com

feather ceiling fan

image via billymagz.com

living room with modern ceiling fan

image via mid.myjolivisage.com

contemporary wooden ceiling fan

image via fashionretailnews.com

cool modern ceiling fan

image via technologygreenenergy.com

simple wooden ceiling fan

image via www.livingandkitchen.com

double wide modern ceiling fans

image via designarchitectureart.com

kids themed ceiling fan

image via www.lightningceilingfans.net

ceiling: inspiring lowes ceiling fans for more beautiful ceiling indoor outdoor fans lowes Best indoor outdoor fans lowes Gallery

image via outdoorfans.org

sleek black modern ceiling fan

image via www.wblightingdirect.com

bat wing ceiling fan

image via www.halloweenforum.com

modern ceiling fan with round blades

image via www.kansascity.com

unique metal ceiling fan

image via ceiling.paperhatco.com

sleek white ceiling fan

image via home-designing.com

interesting contemporary ceiling fan

image via zoer.smoothstones.net

Living-room in the modern apartment

image via blog.lightology.com

amazing modern ceiling fan

image via www.polishedhabitat.com

trendy ceiling fan with light

image via zoer.smoothstones.net

ceiling fan with wood blades

image via centsationalgirl.com

chandelier with ceiling fan

image via www.aliexpress.com

lead image via house.tostbistro.com


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