20 Trendy Japanese Dining Table Designs

dark brown wooden dining table

Originally hailing from Asia, Japanese dining tables are well-known for their short stature. Traditionally raiding in height from 15 to 30cm, Japanese dining tables are very different in appearance from what most American diners are used to. However, despite the differences, Japanese dining tables have managed to become popular in countries all over the world. Providing an intimate and somewhat casual setting, these tables are great for people who want to enjoy a bit of a different experience while eating.

During meal times at Japanese dining tables, people traditionally sit on cushions as opposed to four-legged chairs. Due to the small size, and the fact that the table’s legs can often be removed, these dining sets are great for people who are trying to save space. If you’re in the market for a new dining table, or simply want to see something a little different, these awesome designs will open your eyes to a whole new world.

These beautiful tables are proof that design knows no boundaries, and people from all over the world have something cool to learn from each other. Here are 20 trendy Japanese dining table designs.

low japanese dining room table

image via snailsview.com

cool japanese style table

image via Tassin.co

japanese table with yellow and white pillows

image via boyrule.com

japanese dining room with round lights

image via hometone.com

classic japanese table set

image via http://www.furnituroom.com

long japanese wooden table

image via homedesignlover.com

low wooden dining table

image via viedecor.com

light colored dining room table

image via hashook.com

modern japanese table

image via aliexpress.com

large dining room with japanese style tables

image via homespike.org

beautiful japanese style table

image via rakuten.com

japanese table with red seat cushion

image via http://www.horestco.com

round japanese table with seats

image via 1001kino.tk

japanese dining set with wicker chairs

image via ainove.com

japanese table withs square cushions

image via http://decoratw.com

simple japanese style dining table

image via Vitedesign.com

beautiful square dining table

image via http://www.blazzinghouse.com

fabulous dining room japanese style

image via drawhome.com

asian style dining room with minimalist design

image via minimalisti.com

rectangular japanese dining table

image via bukit.co

lead image via homedit.com


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