20 Stunning Backyard Waterfall Designs

backyard with stunning waterfall

Having a stunning landscape is something that most home owners strive for. Sure, interior design is essential to any house, but the way the yard looks is often a first impression, and most people want to make sure that they leave a lasting and positive one on anyone who sees the outside of their home. With that being said, there is no space as fun to decorate as the backyard. These outdoor living spaces provide people with a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather, and do it in style. But while some people are minimalists when it comes to coming up with the perfect look for their backyards, others prefer to take a more lavish approach, and what better way to do that than installing a backyard waterfall? Although the idea of having a waterfall in your yard may seem intimidating, once you see the end result, you’ll see that they can definitely be worth it. If you want to wow your friends and family, and create a space for yourself that is peaceful and trendy, the answer is here. Here are 20 stunning backyard waterfall designs.

backyard waterfall designs

image via www.interiorish.com

beautiful garden waterfall

image via homestratosphere.com

elegant backyard waterfall

image via homedit.com

backyard pond with unique waterfall

image via www.landscapingnetwork.com

stunning backyard waterfall by mountains

image via houzz.com

modern backyard waterfall

image via www.baronlandscaping.com

beautiful simple backyard waterfall idea

image via lushome.com

beautiful backyard landscaping with waterfall

image via mostbeautifulgardens.com

stunning backyard swimming pool with waterfall

image via decoist.com

piano themed backyard waterfall

image via digsdigs.com

peaceful stone waterfall

image via www.los-angeles-paving.com

garden waterfall with buddha statue

image via groupleme.com

dreamy backyard waterfall with stunning pool

image via hub.3dissue.net

triple backyard waterfall design

image via www.cascadewaterfeatures.com

backyard rock garden with waterfall

image via orchidflowers.wordpress.com

simple but stunning backyard waterfall

image via www.greecianpools.com

backyard waterfall with stream

image via www.port32.com

very unique backyard waterfall

image via livinator.com

dripping garden waterfall

image via www.minimalisti.com

modern square waterfall

image via alertag.com

lead image via www.homeepiphany.com


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