20 Smoking Hot Indoor Fire Pit Ideas

simple indoor fire pit

To most people, fire pit ideas are something that strictly belong outside. Let’s be real, you probably never even thought that having a fireplace inside your home was a possibility. After all, no matter how many homes you’ve been in over the course of your life, there’s a good chance you haven’t been in one with a fire pit inside. However, just because they’re not something you see every day doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

In fact, indoor fire pits can be just as cool as their outdoor counter parts. Sure fireplaces are cool, but they’re not the only options out there. Having an indoor fire pit will take your home to the next level and give it a look that will be difficult to copy. Although most people are used to having to wait until the warmer months to use their fire pits, these indoor fire pit ideas will show you some options that can be used year round. If you enjoy sitting by the fire with your family and friends, then you’ll definitely love this. Here are 20 smoking hot indoor fire pit ideas.

awesome indoor fire pit

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modern indoor fire fit design

image via www.faburous.com

indoor fire pit table

image via jhre.wildeastbistro.com

sleek indoor fire pit

image via deavita.com

luxury indoor fire pit table

image via decoritem.com

indoor fire pit in cool lounge area

image via www.home-designing.com

table top indoor fire pit

image via www.eastsidehomelink.com

indoor fire pit built into coffee table

image via www.venturanaba.com

trendy indoor fire pit

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DIY indoor fire pit

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cool indoor fire pit surrounded by couches

image via suck-my-sperrys.tumblr.com

interior design idea fire pit on table

image via boredpanda.com

stylish indoor fire pit

image via www.elgintxhomes.com

Stylish white ceramic indoor fire pit

image via sticks-and-stones.ca

lavish living room firepit

image via freshome.com

contemporary living room with fire pit

image via www.halalek.com

Living room with fire pit

image via tables.backtobosnia.com

modern living room with sleek fire pit

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unique large indoor fire pit

image via www.beeyoutifullife.com

large indoor fire place in sitting area

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lead image via sanchezlandscapes.com


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