20 Quartz Countertops You Wish You Had

Blue And White Quartz Countertop

Nothing stays the same forever, including kitchen design. Over the last several years granite countertops have become the most popular choice for most people who are looking to add an updated touch of class to their kitchens. However, it looks like there’s a new sheriff in town: quartz countertops. While you may be wondering what all the rage is about, quartz countertops can be an equally as stunning alternative to granite.

Quartz can be purchased for anywhere between $65 and $100 per square foot on average, and while quartz has a history of being more expensive than granite – times have changed.  Quartz countertops are also a popular choice because of their ability to resemble natural stones. Although the patters and colors that are present in these countertops are typically completely manufactured, it allows for a wide variety of options. Quartz countertops can resemble granite, marble, or be turned into something even more unique. If you’ve been looking for a way to update your kitchen, but don’t want to go with granite – you’re definitely in luck.

Here are 20 quartz countertops you wish you had.

White Quartz Countertop

image via www.decorhomes.co

Smokey Gray Quartz Countertop

image via www.championsheart.net

Blue Quartz Countertop

image via www.cnbhomes.com

Yellow Quartz Countertop

image via www.kitchen-design-ideas.org

Spotted Quartz Countertop

image via www.countertopguides.com

Beautiful Quartz Countertop

image via kusica.com

Custom Made Quartz Countertop

image via yelp.com

Smooth Gray Quartz Countertop

image via www.coast2coastcountertops.com

Luxurious Black Quartz Countertop

image via floors55.com

Milky White Quartz Countertop

image via houzz.com

Marble Looking Quartz Countertop

image via flooringamericablog.com

Orange And White Quartz Countertops

image via www.amfgranite.com

Black L-Shaped Quartz Countertops

image via stoneselectatlanta.com

Light Green Quartz Countertop

image via www.precisioncountertops.com

Classic Style Quartz Countertop

image via www.caesarstoneus.com

Smooth Gray Quartz Countertop

image via www.novaestone.com

Half Circle Quartz Countertop

image via www.solacehomedesign.com

Engineered Quartz Countertop

image via glgraniteworks.com

Artistic Quartz Countertop

image via www.sandiegoremodelblog.com

Black Swirl Countertop

image via www.remodelworks.net

lead image via homedit.com


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