20 Modern Book Shelves For Your Home

curved book shelves attached to wall

Although modern technology has now made it possible to read books electronically, book lovers all over the world know the importance of book shelves. Sure, there are plenty of other ways to store books – but nothing beats a storage method that also allows you to put your favorite books on display for anyone who enters the room. After all, if you’ve got a large collection that you’re proud of, book shelves are nothing short of a necessity. However, if you’re also interested in home design, you may want to move away from the traditional book shelf and go with something a little more trendy. With that being said, modern book shelves are changing the game, and providing avid readers with cool and creative options.

Although book shelves may not seem like something that comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, the possibilities are actually endless. Now, your book shelf can also be one of the most eye-catching pieces of furniture in your entire home. If you’re looking for a stylish way to keep your books organized, here are 20 modern book shelves for your home.

white modern book shelf

image via lushome.com

multi colored futuristic book shelves

image via www.opulentitems.com

modern book shelf with painted interior

image via decoist.com

modern wall book shelves

image via homedesigns.today

custom hanging book shelves

image via brit.co

hanging modern book shelves

image via jeanleverthood.com

Cool modern bookshelves with built in seat

image via homecaprice.com

creative modern book shelves

image via modishspace.com

book shelf shaped like a tree

image via homemydesign.com

modern stainless steel book shelves

image via houzz.com

wooden check mark book shelf

image via rgvillas.com

creative book shelves made from piano

image via www.speciallifeentertainment.com

modern red metal book shelves

image via trendir.com

white maze style book shelves

image via www.nelliesbar.com

cool modern shelving

image via nazmiyalantiquerugs.com

modern arched bookshelves

image via vangviet.com

unique bookshelf under staircase

image via wxuse.com

modular bookshelves

image via vurni.com

floating modern book shelf

image via https://www.pinterest.com/kerzmana/

modern floor to ceiling book shelf

image via prettydesigns.com

lead image via home-designing.com


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