20 Luxurious Backyard Infinity Pool Designs

backyard infinity pool with hot tub

To most people, an infinity pool is something that only exists at top of the line vacation resorts. In fact, over the last several years, these very cool pools have become very popular in travel destinations all over the world. By providing the illusion that they have no edges, infinity pools give swimmers a whole new experience. However, some people don’t have to travel miles away from home to enjoy taking a dip in a luxurious infinity pool. For those who have the money and the yard space, infinity pools can also make great backyard pools. Sure, there are standard above ground and in-ground pools, but there’s something extra special about these limitless designs. With the addition of an infinity pool, a yard can almost instantly be transformed into a modern and luxurious space. With a variety of shapes and sizes, these pools are great for people who want a lot of swimming space to entertain friends and family, or for people looking for a more intimate space. With a pool like this in your yard, every day can feel like vacation. Here are 20 luxurious backyard infinity pool designs.

large backyard infinity pool

image via rilane.com

backyard infinity pool and patio

image via home-designing.com

backyard infinity pool with beautiful landscaping

image via wwwnikost.blogspot.com

backyard infinity pool overlooking tennis court

image via luxurypools.com

infinity pool with deck

image via anapolon.net

beautiful backyard infinity pool overlooking safebrush

image via homestratosphere.com

cool backyard infinity pool in texas

image via decoist.com

Backyard Infinity Pool With Stacked Stone Wall

image via photos.hgtv.com

tropical backyard infinity pool

image via www.homeandgardendesignideas.com

backyard infinity pool with stone patio

image via www.kleincustompools.com

Backyard Modern House With Infinity Pool

image via www.designershowhouse.net

backyard glass infinity pool

image via www.buckeyestateblog.com

waterfall, rock lined infinity pool, and awesome fire

image via zillow.com

backyard infinity pool with great view

image via www.writespell.com

beautiful backyard infinity pool

image via homesthetics.net

backyard infinity pool with out door seating

image via www.gardenkitchenhome.com

backyard infinity pool with fire pit

image via serenityindesign.blogspot.com

spacious backyard infinity pool

image via sunsetpoolsandspas.com

backyard infinity pool with square hot tub

image via decorpad.com

modern luxurious infinity pool with stunning viewimage via aolhouse.com

lead image via houzz.com


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