20 Kitchen Designs With Beautifully Stained Glass Windows

traditional kitchen stained glass

When it comes to kitchen designs, there aren’t many people who seem to be willing to take risks. Most people prefer to go with a sleek, yet simple, look in fear of over doing it. After all, nobody wants to be known for having the house with the tacky kitchen. However, sometimes there’s nothing wrong with trying something new and making your kitchen a bit more unique in the process. Although stained glass windows are usually something people associate with churches, they can actually be used in homes and can be an especially great addition to kitchens.

Think about it, how many times have you seen a bright stained glass window and been in awe? Well, how cool would it be to have that feeling every time you walk into your kitchen? Although you may think that getting new appliances is the only way to improve your kitchen design, that simply isn’t the case. Whether you’re into bright colors or intricate designs, adding stained glass windows to your kitchen can be a great way to give your space a whole new look and feel.

Here are 20 kitchen designs with beautiful stained glass windows.

stained glass kitchen window

image via shelleysjourney.wordpress.com

kitchen with half stained glass windows

image via paintedlightglass.com

strikingly beautiful kitchen window

image via www.crescentbuilds.com

kitchen with simple stained glass window

image via www.bonito.in

round stained glass window

image via supe.speedyfinder.net

DIY faux stained glass window

image via www.abeautifulmess.com

elegant stained glass kitchen window

image via hgtv.com

green and yellow kitchen stained glass window

image via www.mywebroom.com

large kitchen with stained glass windows

image via www.oldhouseonline.com

country kitchen stained glass

image via ths.gardenweb.com

kitchen stained glass window

image via homedit.com

kitchen with vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows

image via supe.speedyfinder.net

large stained glass window

image via www.monolithic.org

blue stained glass kitchen window

image via www.mayaglassstudio.co.uk

stained glass border

image via windowfilmworld.com

rose kitchen stained glass windows

image via search.har.com

bright stained glass windows in kitchen

image via zillow.com

kitchen with stained glass window

image via slimlarsendesign.com

blue and green stained glass window

image via brit.co

beautiful stained glass kitchen windows

image via vk.com

lead image via house.com


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