20 Kitchen Designs That Make Great Use Of Natural Light

kitchen with wood floors and large windows

Natural light is easily one of the most important aspects of any room. It’s no secret that the amount of light that enters a room can affect the space’s entire mood. This is something that most of us know first hand. If you’ve ever lived or worked in a space that doesn’t have much light, it’s easy to feel groggy and depressed. With that being said, if there’s one room where light can really benefit from lots of light, it’s the kitchen.

However, while there are several ways to bring light into a room, there’s nothing that compares to natural light. However, there are some things to keep in mind when trying to get the most natural light into your space. According to Brew House Grill, “If your kitchen faces the West then you should know that natural light will be less prominent in the morning but stronger in the evening.”

On the other hand, “Northern light tends to be cool and indirect,” and ” Southern light is stronger and more direct and, of course, will shift greatly throughout the day.” If you’ve been wondering how natural light can really improve space, these examples can help you see some of the possibilities.

Here are 20 kitchen designs that make great use of natural light.

kitchen with conservatory design

image via decoist.com

beautiful kitchen with lots of windows

image via interiored.com

modern kitchen with skylights

image via http://www.impressiveinteriordesign.com

kitchen with island and french doors

image via minimalisti.com

kitchen with open space and island

image via http://lovehomedesigns.com/

modern kitchen with hanging lamp

image via thefinestmagazine.com

beautiful modern kitchen with floor to ceiling windows

image via granitesap.com

modern kitchen with amazing view

image via imgfave.com

bright kitchen with green backsplash

image via www.motherearthliving.com

white wooden kitchen with windows

image via homesfeed.com

kitchen with large window over sink

image via Themonumentview.net

modern kitchen with sliding door

image via dailydreamdecor.com

kitchen with blue paint

image via http://c-elinicious.blogspot.com

spacious vintage kitchen with large windows

image via http://voyancedeselfes.com

modern country kitchen with island

image via http://conceptsandcolorways.com

kitchen with glass wall and great view

image via http://shop.dezignable.com/

remodeled kitchen with window for wall

image via remodelista.com

floor to ceiling kitchen window

image via design-me.it

bright white country kitchen

image via homeandlivingdecor.com

kitchen with hardwood flooring and large white island

image via brewhousegrill.com

lead image via home stratosphere.com


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