20 Incredible Wooden Kitchen Countertops

stunning wooden countertop

When most people re-design their kitchens, picking the perfect countertops is essential. Even if you don’t like to cook, your probably still want your kitchen to be top of the line. After all, the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, and most people find it really important to have a space that is clean, open, and practical. With that being said, kitchen countertops are used for everything from preparing meals to serving them, and it’s important to make sure that they are both durable and good-looking. These days; however, granite has become most people’s go-to choice for countertops, and while this can be a beautiful material, it certainly isn’t the only option. Although wood probably doesn’t come to mind at all when people think of kitchen countertops, this natural material can be perfect. Not only is wood durable, but it can also be sleek and come in a variety of different styles and designs that can match perfectly with the look that you’re going for. Whether you’re in the market for new kitchen countertops, or are simply just trying to see what’s out there – these designs will definitely give you some inspiration. Here are 20 incredible wooden kitchen countertops.

traditional kitchen countertop with dark wood

image via houzz.com

light wood kitchen countertops


simple kitchen with wooden countertop

image via homedit.com

sleek wooden kitchen countertop

image via www.newhorizoncabinetry.com

fabulous wooden countertop design

image via www.woodenhouz.com

sleek hardwood kitchen countertop

image via ths.gardenweb.com

kitchen counter dining area made of wood

image via splash.dasalpencafe.com

butcher style wooden kitchen countertop

image via www.customgranitesolutions.com

kitchen counter made of recycled wood

image via designingidea.com

affordable kitchen countertop

image via www.fivestarstoneinc.com

solid wood kitchen countertops

image via decor10.net

custom wood countertop

image via newlookhomeremodeling.com

natural oak kitchen countertop

image via decoist.com

beautiful bamboo kitchen countertops

image via lindaberner.com

modern kitchen design with wooden countertops

image via tuzzor.com

white kitchen with wooden countertops

image via www.momblin.com

walnut kitchen countertop on top of white island

image via www.brookscustom.com

pine kitchen countertop

image via www.detroitairportshuttle.net

modern wooden kitchen countertop with pattern

image via www.decoradvisor.net

kitchen with hardwood flooring and wooden countertops

image via www.kellyhomedesign.com

lead image via hgtv.com


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