20 Incredible Studio Apartment Designs

modern studio apartment

For most people, living in a studio apartment is not their first choice. After all, studio apartments have a reputation for being small and cramped, and for most people, there just simply isn’t enough space to live comfortably. In reality, most people only end up studio apartments out of a necessity to cut back on costs and save money. However, studios don’t always deserve the negative stereotypes that they have been associated with. Sure, some studios are a little on the tiny side, but with the right design ideas and a little bit of creativity, the small space of a studio can actually go a long way. In fact, with the proper set up, you can even make your studio apartment feel much more like a traditional one bedroom. By using bright colors, dividers, and other cool techniques, you’ll be amazed at the transformation that can happen. Whether you live in a studio apartment, are planning on downsizing into one, or simply want to see how great they can look there are definitely more possibilities out there than you think.  Here are 20 incredible studio apartment designs.

Studio apartment with red divider

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Cool Studio Apartment Ideas

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bachelor pad studio idea

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trendy studio apartment

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studio apartment with modern furniture

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Studio apartment with hardwood flooring

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Beautiful furnished studio apartment in the center of Vienna

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studio apartment with white brick

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studio apartment with black divider

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beautiful large studio apartment

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all white studio apartment

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trendy and simple studio apartment

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his 700 square foot studio apartment is located in a 1931 building in Vasatan, a city district in central Stockholm, Sweden.

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Modern Studio Apartments Minimalist Furniture Solid Oak Dining Table

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luxury studio apartment

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luxury studio apartment in paris

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large studio apartment with hardwood flooring

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impressive studio apartment

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studio apartment in chelsea park

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modern studio apartment in chicago

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