20 Of The Most Enticing Home Tennis Courts

amazing grass tennis court at home

Having a tennis court at home is something that is enticing to many people. Why take a trip to a park or country club when you could easily take a stroll out to the backyard? On average, a tennis court can cost up to $80,000 to install, which can make having one in the backyard a bit of a reach for lots of us. However, for those who can afford one, a tennis court might prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Even if you’re not a tennis player, or a huge fan of the sport, having a tennis court is a sign of status. For that reason, it is very common to find tennis courts on luxury properties. However, all tennis courts were not created equal.  While any tennis court is better than not having one at all, there are some that are almost too beautiful to use. From grass to clay, these enticing backyard tennis courts are almost impossible to turn away from. If you enjoy luxury real estate, these tennis courts will catch your attention.

Take a look at 20 of the most enticing home tennis courts.

beautiful home tennis court surrounded by woods

image via huffingtonpost.com

fenced in tennis court with basketball hoop

image via http://www.homecourtconstruction.com

amazing home tennis court with lights

image via https://5709nsaguaroroad.wordpress.com

home tennis court belonging to max ariza

image via domainehome.com

beautiful grass tennis court behind home

image via https://www.pinterest.com/bluefruitdesign/

beautiful tennis court next to the water

image via tenniscourt.com.au

professional style tennis court at home

image via http://blog.coldwellbanker.com

home with basketball/tennis court combo

image via homebunch.com

beautiful grass tennis court near water

image via http://www.houlihanlawrence.com/

amazing home in bel air with tennis court

image via http://designed-to-sell-homestaging.blogspot.com

spacious home tennis court with beautiful landscaping

image via https://hamptons-magazine.com

beautiful tennis court with mountain views

image via curbed.com

stunning home tennis court

image via chainimage.com

home tennis court with basketball hoop on side

image via versacourt.com

blue and green tennis court with lights

image via https://iamjaymarks.wordpress.com

lavish home in boston with tennis/basketball court combo

image via https://bostoncommon-magazine.com/

home tennis court near infinity pool

image via https://www.pinterest.com/shaggybevo/pools/

custom home tennis court made of grass

image via http://customhomesonline.com.au

simple home tennis court surrounded by trees

image via clipgoo.com

lavish property with tennis court, pool, and basketball hoop

image via http://blog.hawaiimoves.com

lead image via wsj.com


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