20 DIY Wall Art Ideas That Are Perfect For Your Home

DIY scrabble wall art

When it comes to decorating any room in your house, wall art can be just what you need to take your space from bland to beautiful. Let’s face it, having bare walls makes a home feel cold and uninviting. While most people are primarily concerned with furniture, they fail to realize that the walls are some of the biggest and best canvases your home has to offer, and when they are used wisely the possibilities are endless. With that being said, wall art can come in various shapes, size, and colors – and most importantly, there is plenty of opportunity to create your own. DIY wall art has become increasingly popular over the years, and many people have put their creative juices to the test to come up with some pretty amazing designs. Whether you’re looking to start a new DIY project, or simply looking to get an idea of what wall art can do for a room – you’re about to be introduced to some perfect possibilities. Here are 20 DIY wall art ideas that are perfect for your home.

DIY Wall art button tree

image via decoist.com

DIY lipstick wall art

image via brit.co

DIY butterfly wall art

image via lovethispic.com

DIY CD wall art

image via instantparty.com

DIY Wall art with bed frame picture

image via freshfidly.com

crayon DIY wall art

image via collegegloss.com

DIY cardboard flowers

image via www.architectureartdesigns.com

Toy car wall art

image via christianpf.com

Scrap wood wall art

image via hngideas.com

leaf wall art

image via hgtv.com

silverware silhouette wall art

image via scissorspaperwok.com

hombre wall art

image via blog.homedepot.com

gold fish scale wall art

image via www.traviasuite.com

yellow wall art

image via www.stylemotivation.com

DIY shoebox wall art

image via spunkyjunky.blogspot.com

DIY wall art for home

image via www.washaap.net

hand threaded heart wall art

image via www.handmadecharlotte.com

DIY dinosaur wall art

image via trendhunter.com

DIY wall art with fabric

image via diyready.com

lead image ideworks.com


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