20 Gender Neutral Baby Room Ideas For Your Bundle Of Joy

neutral baby room with a futuristic design

When it comes to baby room ideas, there’s nothing that expecting parents take more seriously. After all, welcoming a new baby home is a serious event, and it’s important to make sure that they have a perfect place to come home to. With that being said, deciding how to design a baby room is often a pretty difficult task. While some people prefer to create the room around the baby’s gender, others choose to take a different approach. These days especially, gender neutral toys and clothing are becoming more and more popular, so it only makes sense that baby room ideas that are great for little boys and little girls would also be gaining traction.

Having a gender neutral baby room opens up possibilities like never before, and can allow you experiment with new colors and other design ideas. Plus, if you’re unsure of the sex of your baby, it’s best to play it safe with a baby room that will be great regardless. Whether you’re expecting soon, or just want to prepare for the future – here are 20 gender neutral baby room ideas for your bundle of joy.

classic all white baby room

image via www.carawalz.com

white and gray baby room with crib and bed

image via babble.com

baby room with light wooden furniture

image via mean.prostone.net

colorful neutral baby room

image via projectnursery.com

silver baby room with classic wooden crib

image via katlourenco.com

orange and blue baby room

image via hgtv.com

yellow baby room

image via allhomelist.blogspot.com

black and green baby room

image via www.willowwalkhomes.com

nice yellow and gray baby room

image via houzz.com

Modern nursery design

image via decoist.com

creative neutral baby room

image via homeinn.net

neutral baby room design with modern and classic themes

image via homebez.com

gender neutral baby room with painted trees

image via christinasadventures.com

gender neutral baby room with light yellow walls

image via fondodejuventud.org

cream colored baby room

image via homedecorexamples.com

Simple neutral baby room with patterns

image via interiorsbystudiom.com

Chic multi-colored baby room

image via www.chiccheapnursery.com

neutral twin baby room idea

image via www.homepicts.xyz

modern baby room with music theme

image via newmaddecor.blogspot.com

catchy baby room design with yellow lampions

image via jovehome.com

lead image via decohubs.com


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