20 Cool House Designs With Glass Floors

room with square glass floor

House designs come in a bunch of different styles. If you’re a fan of architecture you know that things are constantly changing when it comes to home design, and many designers are always looking for cool and unique ways to make their projects stand out. While there are lots of ways to accomplish that goal, one of the most trendy is glass. When it comes to modern homes, glass has played a very big role. Weather used to create entire walls, or used to give a house lots of cool views, the role of glass in home design has become very popular. But while we most frequently see glass used for windows and walls, it can also be a great option for floors. Sure, lots of people see glass as this fragile material that should be handled with great care, but it can actually be surprisingly sturdy depending on how it’s used. That allows glass floors to not only be practical, but cool to look at as well. If you want to see just how amazing glass floors can be, take a look at these examples.

Here are 20 cool house designs with glass floors…

cool wooden floor for sitting area

image via homedit.com

vertical glass house

image dezeen.com

beautiful house made of glass

image via homecaprice.com

contemporary home interior with glass floor

image via lushome.com

stunning glass floor in home

image via homecaprice.com

home office area with glass floor

image via freshpalace.com

outdoor entertainment area with glass floor

image via https://www.pinterest.com/livefearless247

lavish room with chandelier and glass floor

image via https://www.pinterest.com/hanguphighcom

mountain living room with glass floor

image via homedit.com

modern living room with floor to ceiling windos

image via weheartit.com

living room with lighted glass flooring

image via Hometrendesign.com

retreat in maldives with glass foor

image via homedesigning.com

modern interior with shiplap ceiling

image via freshome.com

hallway with glass flooring

image via stylemotivation.com

modern dining area with opaque glass floor

image via https://www.scottscastles.com

dining area with round glass floor

image via notey.com

loft area with glass ceiling

image via livinginashoebox.com

cool living room with glass floor area

image via archdaily.com

cool second level with glass floor

image via wallpaper.com

lead image via https://www.pinterest.com/hanguphighcom/


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