20 Cool Bunk Beds Kids Will Love

modern bunk beds for kids

If there’s one thing almost everyone wished for during their childhood, it’s bunk beds. Seriously, there’s no argument more serious for kids than deciding who will be lucky enough to sleep on the top bunk. There’s just something about these cool stacked-style beds that kids seem to fall in love with, and they make a great addition to any bedroom. Sure, beds are for sleeping, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to sleep in style, and these trendy beds will make kids feel like they’re on top of the world. Aside from being cool, bunk beds can also be a great way to save space, and turn one bedroom into a room for two. Although most people think of a standard design when they envision bunk beds, they can actually come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for ways to design your child’s room, or are simply interested in seeing what you missed out on as a child, here are 20 cool bunk beds kids will love.

unique L shaped bunk beds

image via decosimpic.blogspot.com

creative bunk beds for kids

image via www.decoist.com

blue bunk bed with ropes

image via www.kidsomania.com

bunk beds with lime green walls

image via www.snappypixels.com

White bunk bed design with table

image via www.thethreesalvadorans.com

blue and white bunk bed for girls

image via telp.mytechlists.com

bunk bed shaped like a wheel

image via www.furnishburnish.com

cool wooden bunk bed

image via www.architecturaldigest.com

Cool floating bunk bed

image via postmoderndir.blogspot.com

cool curved bunk beds

image via www.huffingtonpost.com

orange bunk beds

image via www.erincarroll.net

cool double bunk beds

image via bedroomstyles.xyz

wooden bunk bed designed like a house

image via www.goodshomedesign.com

bunk bed with hanging design

image via www.mosthdimages.tk

kids bunk bed with slides

image via hoemee.com

bunk beds in the design of a ship

image via babble.com

Amazing White Children Room Unique Bunk Beds White Bed Cover and Blue Blanket

image via www.inderoom.net

bunk beds with surfer/beach theme

image via shia-labeouf.biz

bunk bed design with stairs and built in drawer

image via www.fohomes.com

bunk beds with round cover

image via furnikidz.com

lead image via assessify.com


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