20 Cool Bunk Beds Even Adults Will Love

black bunk beds with red cover

Bunk beds are a dream come true for most kids. There is something about these two-story beds that kids just can’t seem to get enough of. But as we get older, bunk beds aren’t something we see very often. Considered a choice strictly for children, most adults wouldn’t dream of having bunk beds in their room. However, there are plenty of bunk bed designs that are made with adults in mind. These more mature designs ditch the kiddy look and go with something a little more grown up. In fact, some of these beds are even made to accommodate full and queen sized mattresses which is definitely a step up from the typical twin bed frame. While bunk beds may not be for everyone, they can be a great option for people looking to save a little space. They can also work well for guest rooms where more than one person will be staying at once. If you love bunk beds, the good news is that you never have to outgrow them thanks to these great designs. Here are 20 cool bunk beds even adults will love.

bunk bed with stairs

image via https://in.pinterest.com/decoratwcom/

silver bunk bed for adults

image via http://www.bunkbedreviews.com

gorgeous queen bunk bed

image via http://thestudiobydeb.com

twin bunk beds for adults

image via decoist.com

beautiful bunk bed with built-in shelving

image via https://in.pinterest.com/archdigest/

two sets of wooden bunk beds for adults

image via valgia.com

bedroom with light blue walls

image via houzz.com

white adult bunk bed

image via beeyoutifullife.com

rustic bunk bed designs

image via cybball.com

wood adult bunk beds with white bedding

image via williamgeis.com

rustic bunk bed design

image via brit.co

cool contemporary bedroom with LED light

image via https://www.woodlers.co.uk

loft bunk beds for adults

image via http://stud.charlottecicale.com/

bed with colorful area rug

image via https://www.linenstopamper.me/

cool colorful bunk bed design

image via writeteens.com

custom bunk bed made of wood

image via http://inyourspacehome.com

bunk bed with purple bedding

image via beeyoutifullife.com

modern minimalist bunk bed

image via decoist.com

modern adult bedroom with cool furniture

image via https://www.agextrans.com

contemporary wooden bunk beds for kids or adults

image via irastar.com

lead image via https://uk.pinterest.com/source/pedracancela.com



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