20 Backyard Ideas Your Children Will Love

backyard movie theater using linen sheet

For some people, the idea of a backyard isn’t something that even crosses their mind. For others, a backyard is simply overwhelming: more grass to cut, most land to be responsible for, just another headache. However once you start having a family, you realize just how important is to have some extra space for your kids to go out and enjoy some fresh air. Whether you already have a family, or are thinking about starting one, backyard ideas are definitely worth thinking about. With the right amount of creativity, you can turn your backyard into something magical that your kids will love. While everyone isn’t going to have the same amount of space, it’s important that people make the best use of what they have. Here are 20 backyard ideas your children will love.

Backyard Ideas for Kids - Club House

What kid wouldn’t love to have their very own play house? This cool multi-level kid’s club house will be perfect for kids who love having their own space.

image via homedit.com

Backyard Splash Pad

Having a splash pad in the back yard can be a great way for kids to cool off during the summer.

image via digsthedesign.com

Bakcyard Ideas for Children - Sunken Trampoline

Lots of people have trampolines in their backyards, but there aren’t too many people who can say they have a cool sunken trampoline like this one.

image via https://www.pinterest.com/Rrobrob

Cool Backyard Ideas:  Zip Line For Kids

If you have a kid who loves a little adventure, they’ll probably love the idea of having zip line installed in the backyard.

image via popsugar.com

Backyard reading nook for kids

When it comes to backyard ideas, it’s always great to have something that is both fun and educational. This reading nook is a nice option for kids who love to read but also love spending time outdoors.

image via vintagerevivals.com

Backyard chalkboard built into fence

Why not have a place for your kids to get their creative juices flowing? Adding a chalkboard to your backyard is a nice idea for kids who are feeling artistic.

image via lixhome.com

Backyard beach for children

The beach is always a good idea, and adding one to your backyard can make trips to the water easier than ever.

image via suiseo.com

DIY Twitser board on backyard grass

Twister is a classic family game, and turning your backyard into a huge Twister board can make family game night fun again.

image via www.growingkidsministry.com

Backyard basketball court

Having a basketball court in the backyard is an idea that most kids would love. Shooting hoops will take on a whole new meaning with backyard like this.

image via www.sportcourtoftheozarks.com

Backyard lawn movie theater

No list of backyard ideas would be complete without an outdoor movie theater right on the back lawn. Summer movie nights will feel extra special with a place like this to hang out.

image via wonderopolis.org

Backyard rock wall

Rock climbing is becoming increasingly popular among kids, and having a rock wall in your backyard is one of those ideas that will benefit your family in more ways than one.

image via backyard.arrayofhopes.com

Backyard hammock with hanging lights

Adults aren’t the only ones who appreciate a good hammock. This idea can make your backyard a better place for the entire family.

image via backyard.arrayofhopes.com

Backyard hangout with area to see the stars

Why not give your kids a chance to see the stars? With this cool backyard hangout, your kids will be coming up with ideas of their own in no time.

image via omfgacts.com

backyard chess board

Nothing like a game of chess to keep things interesting.

image via thosbakerblog.com

Backyard seesaw and stage

If you have a lot of space, backyard ideas that kill two birds with one stone can be the best. This idea features a set of seesaws that are perfect for playing, and a stage where kids can put on their own little shows.

image via hgvtv.com

Backyard fort

Forts and tends have been popular backyard ideas for a very long time. Not only do these spaces give kids their own place to hang out, but they’re also cheap and easy.

image via babble.com

backyard bowling

By painting empty soda bottles, you can easily create a backyard bowling alley.

image via moonfrye.com

backyard obstacle course

An obstacle course is one of the easiest and cheapest backyard ideas there is. You can even create the course with items you already have lying around the house.

 image via livingsolagratia.blogspot.com

DIY backyard slip n slide

Kids love flying down slip n slides, and you can easily may one for your backyard that will allow your kids to have hours of fun.

image via reddit.com

Backyard playscape

In the world of backyard ideas, nothing is more classic than the playscape. You can never go wrong with one of these.

image via www.backyardfunfactory.com

image via bobvila.com


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