20 Of The Most Attractive Method Homes

modern home with red exterior

Method home is a term that many people aren’t familiar with. Most people know method homes as prefabricated or modular homes. However, in the world of architecture, method homes are pretty well-known, and well-liked. Although some people hear the word modular and are immediately turned off, there are actually some very cool pros to this type of construction. Method homes are often less expensive than traditional homes and can offer more flexibility than other building styles. On top of that, method homes are typically quicker to construct since the home is delivered in prefabricated pieces. or people on a time crunch, this is an especially convenient feature. While all these things are well and good, style is also an incredibly important factor. Everybody wants a house that looks good, and method homes can look great. Plus, their unique design will ensure that there won’t be too many — if any — other homes in the neighborhood with a similar look. Of course, if you’re thinking of going with a method home, it’s important that you do research to see if there are any restrictions that may apply to your particular area. If you like what method homes have to offer, and are interested in seeing just how beautiful they can be, here are 20 of the most attractive method homes.

contemporary home with porch

image via http://professionbiz.com/

beautiful method home with two floors

image via http://projects.archiexpo.com

beautiful home with large windows

image via http://inhabitat.com/

beautiful blue home with balconies

image via http://modernprefabs.com

gray house with gray exterior

image via http://www.greenhomegnome.com

modern home with black exterior

image via http://metalbuildinghomes.org

modern home with long driveway

image via https://www.pinterest.com/danbernalsf/

modern method home with large windows

image via http://m.blog.daum.net

contemporary home with tall design

image via http://www.thegoodtrade.com

affordable and sustainable modular home

image via Lazulo.com

prefab home by chris pardo

image via http://www.tucasamodular.com

prefab home made on stilts

image via http://www.homedsgn.com/

prefab home built in the mountains

image via Bestofhouse.net

beautifully landscaped yard with bushes

image via http://www.caandesign.com

prefab home with garage

image via contemporist.com

prefabricated home built in the hillside

image via http://www.methoddesign.com

prefab house in the woods

image via http://www.housedesignideas.us

cool modern home with wooden platform stairs

image via http://housebro.com

method home with farm animals

image via loversiq.com

unique modern prefab home

image via https://infinitiredblog.wordpress.com

lead image via methodhomes.net



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