20 of the Most Amazing Residential Pools


When the summer month’s hit, there’s nothing better than being able to go for a swim.  While there are plenty of options available for people who like to kick back and relax by the water, there’s nothing like having your pool right in your yard.  Pools can be great for spending time with the family, or for entertaining guests. In fact, if you didn’t grow up with a pool in your yard, there’s a pretty good chance you spent a lot of time wishing you had one. However, when it comes to pools, there are plenty of options: above ground, in ground, some big, some small. Of course, any pool is better than no pool at all, but some of these pools are definitely at the top of their class. With pools like this, who needs to go to a hotel? Here are 20 of the most amazing residential pools.

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How many people can say that their pool overlooks even more water? Located in Austin, TX this beautiful pool is the perfect size for hosting parties and events. Although a pool like this would definitely make most people happy, the home’s $2,950,000 price tag is nothing to smile about.

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As if this beautiful West coast home wasn’t enough to drop your jaw, this incredible pool will definitely do the trick. Located in the small city of La Habra Heights, CA this $6,995,000 mansion pool features a water slide, a waterfall, and several fountains.

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Designed by Guz Architects and located in Singapore, the Tangaa House takes what could have been a regular backyard and turns it into a beautiful and unique swimming pool that wraps around both sides of the more than 7,000 square foot house. The pool’s glass sides will definitely grab anyone’s attention. On a nice summer day, this pool would definitely be a great place to good off.

(image via guzarchitects.com)


Designed by Robert Mills Architects, this Australian home was actually built with entertainment in mind, so a pool like this is definitely a great fit.  Although this pool isn’t for those who want to jump in and do tricks, it’s perfect for hosting parties. This might be one of the very rare cases where bigger doesn’t always mean better.

(image via robmills.com.au)


House 6 by Marcio Kogan is a beautiful house designed with contemporary and classic styles in mind. While most houses want a pool with the view, this house comes with awesome view of the pool. Matching the shape and design of the house, the beautiful rectangular pool almost even acts as a shadow for the house.

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Could you imagine stepping out into your yard and seeing a pool like this? The Vastu House by Khosla Associates is a beautiful modern home that was created with care both inside and out. Like the home, this amazing pool manages to be luxurious without being too in your face. Hanging out by the pool just got a lot more fun with this cool and laid back atmosphere.

(image via khoslassociates.com)


Located in Colorado at Boot Jack’s ranch, this residential pool would give even some of the nicest hotels a run for their money. The residence is owned by Texas billionaire, Kelcey Warren, and the pool is part of the property’s 12,000 square foot aquatics center which also includes a spa.

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If you grew up during the 90s and early 2000s, you probably remember all the lavish houses that artists used to choose as the setting for their videos.  This house and pool look like something straight out of one of those videos and this incredible space is perfect for any use. The pool itself is made of sleek slate and blends in beautifully with the rest of the house.

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According to the description, the Mill House by Wingardh Architecture, “draws inspiration from the Swedish style of sauna and bathing for a gorgeous vacation home that’s well integrated with nature.” The pool (and spa) are located right near a creek that is also located on the property. With the combination of natural beauty and the Swedish style, this pool looks like the perfect place to enjoy a little of bit of peace and quiet after a long and busy day.

(image via www.wingardhs.se/)


This very interesting Spanish house – which has no walls or barriers – borrows the best of two architectural forms and brings them both together quite nicely with this lovely pool. This large rectangular swimming pool provides the perfect backdrop to the home and is a great place for residents to spend time together.

(image via archzine.com)


This pool is so nice that it’s almost unreal. This might be the first time you see a pool and think it’s just too nice for anyone to get in. Designed by Build Architects, this pool features a unique private entrance in the form of a spiral staircase. The pool has incredible views of all of the surrounding areas  Unfortunately; however, since the pool is located in Washington state, there probably aren’t too many sunny days.

(image via buildllc.com)


This is the perfect pool for all of those people who like to get in the water, but don’t actually like to swim. With plenty of relaxation options, people can enjoy laying simply by the pool. However, for those who do enjoy hanging out in the water, this pool provides space for swimming and enjoying a drink.

(image via https://www.pinterest.com/htmhomescapes/)


Located in the private residence of billionaire, Lev Leviev, this home was vote the most expensive in the United Kingdom back in 2008. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that the pool also cost a pretty penny – especially when the tiles are made of gold and the pool area can also be turned into a ballroom. Swimming in a pool like this something that more people really need to experience.

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When most people decide they’d like to add a swimming pool to their home, it’s probably because they’d actually like to swim in it. This pool; however, seems to be more for show than for swimming. Located at the Carla Ridge Home by Steve Hermann designs, this backyard pool, which also doubles as a walkway, could be used for a lot of great parties and other gatherings.

(image via stevehermanndesign.com )


Whoever came up with the phrase, ‘everything’s bigger in Texas’ was definitely on to something. This two-story pool located in Dallas, TX is definitely large, lavish, and perfect for any occasion.  Aside from having two levels, the pool also has a great view, a waterfall, and a cave.  However, for a price of $6,950,000, this pool better have everything. Anyone who could afford to have something like this in their yard should feel very lucky.

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At a home that was built with relaxation in mind, it’s important that every detail and feature in the house line up with that goal. This beautiful backyard sanctuary featuring a slick in-ground pool definitely provides the perfect atmosphere for just kicking up your feet on a nice quiet evening.  The pool, which can almost be seen from the entire house, provides a nice center piece for the deck area.

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If you’ve ever been to Arizona, you’ll know that the heat – especially in the afternoon – can be brutal. Located at a $2,500,000 mansion in Scottsdale, AZ, this pool is a great place to cool off in the desert heat. This infinity pool and hot tub combo looks like something that belongs at an expensive exclusive resort. Hopefully, whoever is lucky enough to have this pool in their backyard is making the most of it.

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Located in Dallas, TX, this massive pool is ideal for those who actually like to get in the water and swim, and for those who just like to jump in and cool off.  With plenty of space, having guests over definitely won’t be a problem. However, you probably don’t want to start making those guest lists too soon. Unless of course, you have nearly $7 million to fork over.

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Hanging out by the pool has a totally new meaning when you have a pool that overlooks beautiful mountains.  This amazing backyard infinity pool in Tortola will definitely make you want to spend some more time out doors. There’s nothing better than admiring nature’s beauty while going for a swim.

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In 2012, this El Campo, TX swimming pool was voted the largest residential pool in the world.  Who needs a water park when you have something like this right in your backyard? The pool contains 750,000 gallons of water, has 21 slides, six waterfalls, and a 500 foot lazy river. The estimated cost to build the pool was above $3 million.

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