20 Amazing Outdoor Canopy Designs For Your Yard

simple outdoor relaxation area

If you’ve got lots of yard space, you may have already considered getting an outdoor canopy. Since yards don’t have walls and some of the other elements of indoor spaces, it can be hard to make them feel comfortable and cozy. Still, creating the perfect atmosphere for your yard is a must for those who enjoy hosting events outdoors, and a canopy can help add to the overall look and feel of your space. Often used to cover a sitting area, canopies have become very popular fixtures in outdoor spaces.

Outdoor canopies can come in a number of sizes and styles, making them a great fit for any space. Regardless of the size of your yard, a canopy can blend well with your existing look whether formal or casual. Summer will be back around before you know it, so now is the perfect time to start getting your yard ready for lots of warm weather fun. Whether you use your yard for formal events or simply as a casual hang out spot for friends and family, an outdoor canopy can be an excellent addition.

Here are 20 amazing outdoor canopy designs for your yard.

rooftop patio area with comfortable seats

image via yoojah.com

all white outdoor canopy bed

image via InMyInterior.com

backyard canopy with covered area

image via homedit.com

outdoor living room with covered canopy

image via http://kuulhome.com

cool metal canopy with couch

image via jengkok.com

canopy with white fabric

image via http://expatspatio.com/

beautiful red canopy by the pool

image via http://www.oodzgn.com

daybed with canopy by the pool

image via homesthetics.net

romantic outdoor area in backyard

image via http://www.architectureartdesigns.com

amazing patio canopy area

image via www.donsdiner.co

breath taking outdoor living room by pool

image via http://www.tumish.com

colorful outdoor pillows with floral print

image via http://www.mostbeautifulthings.net

beautiful outdoor bed made of wood

image via decoholic.org

awesome outdoor kitchen under canopy

image via http://febox.net/

beautiful country outdoor living area

image via houselogic.com

Beautiful Backyard Designs with canopy

image via http://design.vestiageinc.com/

beautiful canopy made of flowers

image via http://expatspatio.com

beautiful canopy made of cedar

image via Europecinefestival.org

outdoor canopy with incredible waterfront views

image via http://homihomi.com/

backyard pool area with canopy

image via https://homedesign121.wordpress.com

lead image via homesthetics.net


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