20 Amazing Glass Spiral Staircase Designs

beautiful glass staircase

In the world of stairs, spiral staircases are among the most lavish. If you have ever entered a space with a spiral staircase, there is a good chance those stairs were the first thing you noticed. But while most of the spiral staircases you’ve seen probably had a traditional design, these glass staircases are here to put a very cool touch on a classic item. Not only can these glass spiral staircases transport you between floors, but they can make it look fun and hip.

Although glass is often seen as a very fragile material, it can also be strong and beautiful when used correctly. Stairs may usually be something that many people consider boring, but these spiral staircase designs are here to show you that stairs can be much more stylish than you think. Having a spiral staircase in your home may not be a realistic option, but there’s nothing wrong with having a look at the possibilities. Whether frosted glass or modern glass steps with LED lights, these staircases will definitely have you doing a double take.

Here are 20 amazing glass spiral staircase designs.

glass staircase with rectangular steps

image via http://www.marretti.com

curved glass spiral staircase design

image via http://floridabentglass.com

contemporary staircase with glass design

image via houzz.com

simple glass staircase design

image via http://www.archiexpo.com/

beautiful glass staircase with view

image via https://www.pinterest.com/ecmbrbr

glass spiral staircase with hardwood flooring

image via http://blog-tonaszemiejsce.blogspot.com

circular staircase with glass design

image via DecoOri.com

beautiful large glass staircase

image via glassdoor.com

amazing glass spiral staircase design

image via http://fresh-design.info

glass staircase with soft led lights

image via hiamag.com

beautiful modern glass staircase with silver pole

image via http://www.spiralstairsystems.co.uk

glass and wooden staircase

image via http://www.freshdesignpedia.com

beautiful spiral staircase with glass steps

image via https://www.canal.eu.

glass staircase with hardwood flooring around

image via itsmyhouse.net

unique spiral staircase with glass railings and steps

image via nsalloys.com

contemporary metal and glass spiral staircase

image via homeozoic.com

glass staircase in office building

image via homedit.com

space saving glass staircase

image via decoist.com

private residence with glass staircase

image via https://staircase123.wordpress.com

beautiful modern living space with glass staircase

image via http://homihomi.com

lead image via http://fresh-design.info/


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