1947 Home in Germany Gets a Gorgeous Contemporary Makeover


While many homes that are considered older get upgrades and renovations done on the interior, the homes still retain their old fashioned looks.  Owners rarely upgrade the exterior of the home which is why it’s nice to see this home called Place of Peace in Mühlheim, Germany get the modern feel it deserves.  The 3,000 square foot home was redesigned by ONE!CONTACT.   The home offers gorgeous forest views and contemporary architectural features while maintaining a quintessential traditional appeal.

On the exterior of the home, a stone retaining wall was put in which is complimented by a small pond as well as a waterfall.  The new exterior of the home boasts distinctive facade, large, energy-efficient windows and an unusually angled roof whose multiple skylights create a bright, warm atmosphere.

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According to Freshome

Inside, the contemporary update features modern furnishings and materials in the bathroom, living room and kitchen. Spanning the length of the kitchen is a built-in high-tech fireplace, which creates a subtly relaxed ambiance in the heart of the home.

The master bedroom includes a bright walk-in closet with a center island, abundant storage and a chandelier. The home’s artistic centerpiece is a staircase that spirals between the first and second floors, creating an airy flow between the two levels.

The designers accomplished the often-challenging mission of creating an elegant, modern home that also has the capacity to offer its owners the ability of living comfortably in it.









[Photography by Jannis Wiebusch]

Written by Brian McCaw

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