15 Unusual Dog Toys

Mathew Coulton/Pexels

The world of dog toys has evolved far beyond the simple ball and stick. These unusual dog toys break the mold, offering innovative and quirky ways to stimulate your dog’s mind, indulge their senses, and encourage active play. From puzzle toys that challenge their intellect to interactive gadgets that spark their curiosity, each toy is designed to turn everyday playtime into an adventure for your beloved pet.

Snugga Wubba

Amy Millward Dog Training/Facebook

Part plush toy, part ball, this hybrid creation entices your pup with its soft texture and unpredictable bouncing action, making it perfect for tug-of-war.

Cuss Collar

Curse Collar/Facebook

This collar translates your puppy’s barks into human expletives. While unsuitable for sensitive ears, it’s a hilarious novelty item sure to spark conversations at the park.

Glow-in-the-Dark Ball

Cheap Jacks – New Romney/Facebook

Have you ever wanted your mutt to join the rave scene? The ball charges under light and illuminates fetch sessions with an otherworldly glow, adding a quirky twist to playtime.

Squeaky Steak Toy


For the eccentric dog owner, this plaything mimics the sizzle and aroma of a juicy steak, and provides hours of entertainment for your carnivorous companion without the greasy aftermath.

Bubble Buddy


Entertain your pooch with a gadget that blows bacon-scented bubbles. Watch them chase bacon-scented orbs, turning playtime into a savory adventure.

Balancing Treat Dispenser


This interactive trifle requires your pup to balance treats on the dispenser carefully. The gadget tests your canine’s dexterity and promotes focus and coordination during playtime.

Silly Bums Plush Toys

Pet Zone Life/Facebook

From chicken to skunk, these plush trinkets resemble animal bottoms, adding a humorous twist to your mutt’s playtime antics.

iFetch Frenzy

iFetch Malta/Facebook

Say goodbye to traditional games with the iFetch Frenzy. This automatic ball launcher keeps your hound guessing with its random launch mechanism, ensuring endless entertainment.

Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy

One Cute Couponer/Facebook

It’s an interactive plush that features hidden squeaky squirrels that challenge your dog’s problem-solving skills and provide much-needed mental stimulation.

Giggle Ball

The Fetch House/Facebook

With its infectious laughter-like sound, this doll keeps your furry friends entertained and engaged and provides hours of amusement as they chase and pounce.

Flying Disc Launcher

Cardboard Helicopter Design/Facebook

Make fetch more enjoyable with the Flying Disc Launcher. This innovative gadget flings discs into the air, which makes for an exhilarating game of aerial acrobatics for your canine companion.

Giant Tennis Ball

Five Below/Facebook

This oversized version, larger than the conventional tennis balls, introduces a humorous twist to the game of fetch. Both you and your dog will undoubtedly attract attention and provoke laughter at the park.

Banana Peel Hide and Seek Toy

Joy Paw/Pinterest

Peel back the layers of fun with a banana peel hide-and-seek toy. Your dog will have a blast trying to extract the plush bananas from inside the peel, which keeps them mentally stimulated and entertained for hours.

Rockin’ Guitar Toy

Good Boy Collective/Pinterest

For the music-loving pooch, the trinket allows your furry friend to jam out with their very own plush guitar, complete with squeaky strings, for a truly musical experience.

Star Wars Lightsaber Toy

Once Upon a Pet/Facebook

This iconic accessory lets your pup channel their inner Jedi, engaging in epic battles of imagination and play.


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