15 Unforgettable Outfits of Princess Diana

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Princess Diana captivated the world with her iconic fashion choices, inspiring designers and fashion enthusiasts alike. Each outfit tells a story of elegance, poise, and confidence. So here we delve into the archives and unveil the top 15 outfits worn by Princess Diana.

The Fairytale Wedding Dress

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Who can forget Diana’s breathtaking wedding gown? Designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, this ivory silk taffeta and antique lace gown was adorned with sequins and almost 10,000 pearls. Moreover, its dramatic train spanned over 25 feet, symbolizing not just a royal union but a timeless moment in history. 

The Revenge Dress


In 1994, Diana boldly affirmated herself in a form-fitting black Christina Stambolian dress, famously known as the “Revenge Dress.” She wore it the same evening Prince Charles confessed his adultery on national television, showing the world her resilience and confidence.

The Elvis Dress


Stunning millions, Diana donned a stunning Catherine Walker white silk gown adorned with pearls and sequins at the 1989 British Fashion Awards. Due to its striking resemblance to a jumpsuit worn by Elvis Presley, the dress was dubbed the “Elvis Dress.”

The Casual Chic Look


Diana rocked in casual attire as well. Among her most memorable looks was her relaxed yet chic ensemble consisting of high-waisted jeans, a crew-neck sweater, and a blazer. It demonstrated her ability to combine elegance and comfort effortlessly.

The Chic Winter Coat

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Even in the chilliest of winters, Diana maintained her style quotient with chic winter coats. She was once witnessed in a vibrant red coat, exuding warmth and sophistication as she braved the cold with unparalleled grace.

The Casual Equestrian Look

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Diana effortlessly combined style with practicality in her casual equestrian attire. She was often seen sporting tailored riding jackets and knee-high boots with impeccable flair.

The Statement Sweater

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When it came to her wardrobe, she wasn’t afraid to make unique choices. One of her looks included a bold sweater adorned with playful motifs, which showcased her playful personality and penchant for quirky fashion.

The Polka-Dot Dress

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The vibrant pink dress paired with a matching hat perfectly captured her youthful spirit and charisma during her visit to Australia.

The Orange Versace Dress


In 1995, she stunned in an eye-catching orange Versace dress, radiating confidence and glamor as she attended a charity.

The Plaid Tartan Suit


Diana embraced classic British style in a plaid tartan suit during a 1985 visit to Scotland. The dress incorporated traditional patterns, demonstrating heritage fashion.Diana embraced classic British style in a plaid tartan suit during a 1985 visit to Scotland. The dress incorporated traditional patterns, demonstrating heritage fashion.

The Gen Z Yellow Dress


Diana turned heads at a polo match in 1981 in a vibrant yellow dress, capturing the essence of summer chic. The flowing silhouette and sunny hue epitomized her effortless elegance and timeless charm.

The Ruffled Blouse and Tailored Skirt

Diana, Princess Of Wales: A Life In Style/Facebook

Diana was seen in a ruffled blouse and tailored skirt ensemble during a charity event in London in 1993. The feminine details and impeccable tailoring highlighted her sense of style and grace.

The Velvet Catherine Walker Gown

Diana, Princess of Wales/Facebook

Wearing a velvet Catherine Walker gown, while on a state visit to Germany in 1987, Diana demonstrated her regal elegance — a vision of grace and beauty.

The Floral Day Dress

Diana, Princess Of Wales: A Life In Style/Facebook

In 1985, Diana encapsulated springtime elegance with a floral day dress designed by Caroline Charles. The cheerful and feminine print perfectly complemented her radiant smile, capturing the essence of effortless charm.

The Bell-Sleeved Gown

Diana, Princess of Wales/Facebook

Diana made a dramatic entrance in a bell-sleeved gown by designer Murray Arbeid during a state visit to Austria in 1986.


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