15 Things You Didn’t Know About Roku

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Ditch the cable box, but keep the endless entertainment. What started as a dream has forever changed the world of streaming services. So, read about Roku and discover how it revolutionized home TV.

Remote Control Revolution


Roku wasn’t always about streaming content. Their initial product aimed to solve a different frustration – controlling your computer from the comfort of your couch. This innovative idea, though not their ultimate success story, laid the groundwork for their user-friendly remote controls, which are a staple today.

The Name with a Hidden Meaning


Many assume “Roku” is a tech-inspired term, but it has a more personal touch. Founder Anthony Wood, a serial entrepreneur, chose “Roku” because it means “six” in Japanese – a subtle nod to this being his sixth startup venture.

Pioneer of Streaming


Roku revolutionized home entertainment by introducing one of the earliest streaming devices in 2008. Before the era of Roku, consumers were committed to traditional cable subscriptions, but this innovation set the stage for a new era of on-demand viewing.

Netflix Partnership Plants the Seed

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While the PC control concept didn’t work, it forged a crucial partnership. In the early stages of its “Watch Instantly” service, Netflix saw Roku as a perfect solution for delivering its content. This collaboration propelled Roku’s journey into streaming and helped establish Netflix as a streaming giant.

More Than Just Streaming Devices


Roku’s sleek streaming sticks and boxes are popular, but the company’s focus has shifted. Most of their revenue comes from licensing their platform to TV manufacturers. This means Roku might power popular smart TVs from brands like TCL and Hisense behind the scenes!

Seamless Integration


Whether it’s a smart TV, a streaming stick, or a dedicated Roku player, the platform’s compatibility ensures a smooth viewing experience. With intuitive navigation and universal search functionality, finding your movies and shows is a breeze.

Price Point Advantage

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Roku’s focus on affordability has been a critical factor in its widespread adoption. Roku devices offer a budget-friendly entry point to the streaming world compared to pricier cable subscriptions or feature-heavy consoles. This strategic decision has allowed them to capture a significant share of the streaming device market.

Lucrative Stream from Ad Revenue

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Roku isn’t just about subscriptions. They also generate income through targeted advertising, so they can offer a wider variety of accessible channels alongside paid subscriptions. This allows them to cater to budget-conscious streamers.

Partner, Not Competitor

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Unlike some streaming services with exclusive content, Roku embraces collaboration. It offers channels from all the major players, including Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, creating a one-stop shop for viewers. This approach has cemented Roku’s position as a neutral service that prioritizes user choice.

Vast Content Ecosystem

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From blockbuster movies to niche documentaries, live sports events, and educational programs, Roku offers an expansive library of entertainment options. With the flexibility to customize your viewing experience through channel subscriptions and free ad-supported content, Roku ensures there’s always something captivating to watch, delighting audiences worldwide.

Lack of Original Content


Roku has made strides in content curation and partnerships with various channels but has yet to produce its high-profile original series or movies to attract subscribers. As original programming becomes increasingly important in the streaming landscape, Roku’s absence in this arena may hinder its ability to compete with other platforms.

Gaming Gateway

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Although not their primary focus, Roku offers a growing selection of casual games accessible through their platform. This caters to users who enjoy a quick gaming fix alongside their streaming marathons. Challenge friends and family to a retro-inspired title or unwind with a relaxing puzzle game, all within the Roku ecosystem.

Price of Free

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Targeted ads generate revenue, allowing Roku to offer various free channels. Yet, it can disrupt the viewing experience for some users. Unlike some competitors, Roku doesn’t offer an ad-free subscription option, which might be disappointing.

Green Stream

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Roku is actively incorporating eco-conscious practices. Their latest streaming devices are designed for low energy consumption, and they’ve partnered with organizations to promote sustainable content production. This commitment to environmental responsibility resonates with increasingly eco-conscious viewers.

Innovation Never Sleeps

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Roku is at the forefront of exploring new avenues in the streaming world. They’re experimenting with features like AI-powered personalized recommendations and immersive content experiences that utilize virtual reality technology. The company aims to remain a frontrunner in streaming entertainment, shaping how we consume content.


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