15 Things You Need to Know about Dating Someone from the Valley

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Even if you’ve never stepped foot in the state of California before, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard about the perception of those who are from The Valley. Referring to the number of neighborhoods that are associated with the San Fernando Valley, communities like Burbank, Northridge, Sherman Oaks, Encino and Woodland Hills, among others, have a reputation of being either spoiled, wealthy, educated or all of the above, and are looked at as being outside the norm of others in neighboring L.A. areas. And, if you’re someone who is either thinking about or already dating someone from The Valley, here are a few things that you should know before getting in too deep, because they are people who have expectations and their own language, so you’ll need to adapt in order to fit in with them to make it work.

15. Not Everyone There is in “The Industry”

In case you don’t know, San Fernando Valley is the home to a load of—no pun intended—adult film studios. For that reason, it’s easy for someone not familiar with it to think that it’s chalk full of bleached blonde ladies and a lot of plastic. That’s just not the case, though—even if it is the porn capital of America.

14. The Valley Isn’t Anywhere But San Fernando Valley

Like anyone who claims an area as home, anytime someone who actually lives in the Valley hears someone refer to their neighborhood as San Gabriel Valley, they get a bit defensive. So, if you’re taking a girl out for the first time on a fancy dinner, don’t even think about saying you’ll make the drive to the Valley and mention a neighborhood like Santa Clarita or Antelope, otherwise you’ll already dig yourself into a hole that she’ll put you on blast for.

13. Define What Movie Theater You’re Going To

With a number of different options here, make sure you don’t find yourself waiting for your lady friend at the 6, only to find out that she’s either at the 8 or 16. It might sound easy enough to say a number and end up there, but no one knows which movies theater is which in Burbank, so either head to the place together or avoid going at all, because communication will get lost somehow, someway.

12. Moby Disc

If you’re new to the area, locals from the Valley won’t let you live down the fact that you probably don’t remember Moby Disc, which was a record store for years. These days, a newbie might just see a Baja Fresh/Cold Stone when they drive by the former location of the greatest store ever, but don’t make the mistake of mentioning it without getting a nice razzing.

11. She Probably Comes From Money

For better or worse, those who were raised in the Valley have the perception of wealth and, OK, being a bit spoiled. That’s not true of everyone who calls it home, but the majority of people’s parents live there because they’re in one of the big-money industries that are based in the neighborhood. Whether good or bad, just accept it.

10. She May Refer to It as the “818”

There are a lot of people who like to talk about their city in area codes—and the Valley is no different. So, if by chance, you’re girl refers to her town as the “818,” that’s all she is doing. It might not be the best way for you to identify with it, but it’s something that she has probably been doing for a longer time than other people—since she’s actually from there and they made it hip.

9. She’ll Love Sushi

Many people might read that and think that your girl loves sushi because she’s just trying to be chic and part of the trend. But you would be wrong when talking about a girl from the Valley. That’s because the area has some of the best sushi in the country, no joke. While a bold statement, any number of holes-in-the-wall on Ventura have fresh, raw fish that your girl has probably become accustomed to eating on the regular.

8. The Beach Will Be Her Best Friend

Want to know something about girls from the Valley? They love the water, like, a lot.  For that reason, you’ll want to make sure your beach body is always on point, because she’ll want to head there during the weekend, at night for a beach dinner and sunset and, OK, as much as possible. Chances are she made a living wearing a bikini during her high school and college years, and it hasn’t left her just because she’s older.

7. She Will Use the Word ‘Like,’ Like, a Lot

There’s a reason why Valley girls come with the perception of gum-chewing, blonde hair-twisting girls who come off as a bit, well, uneducated. It’s because they often fill their sentences with the word ‘like’ a lot more than the usual person. It’s probably not fair to put every person in that specific category, but it’s a stereotype that has been prominent for decades.

6. She’ll Like to Dress Appropriately

This doesn’t necessarily mean stripped down, but with the weather, typically, being about 10 degrees warmer in the Valley, you can bet that your lady will enjoy cut-off t-shirts and jean shorts as a regular outfit. It’s a fine line between work and play in that area, but, it’s southern California, so of course she’ll choose the more comfortable option.

5. Burbank Airport is the Best in the World

There aren’t too many differentiators between airports, right? That might be the thought of someone who grew up in the Midwest, like myself, but not someone who has called the Valley home for years. In addition to short security lines since it’s a tinier airport, you can bet that your girl will brag about the fact that there is valet parking—which is a must for those who grew up in the area. Yes, valet parking would only seem to happen in the Valley.

4. She’s Either Presumed to be Geeky or an Airhead

Oh, perceptions, how we love thee. When referring to someone in the Valley, the Boulevard is the main divider between North and South, with different mentalities about those who live in those areas. So, if you’re living South of the Boulevard, chances are you’re a techy who knows a lot about coding and such. For those North of the Boulevard, you’re probably expected to act a certain way, drive a certain car and spend a lot of money that you didn’t necessarily earn yourself.

3. Her Apartment is Probably Amazing

While I’ve mentioned that people in the Valley are known to be a bit more luxurious than others, your girl’s apartment being nice probably has nothing to do with her need to live somewhere that keeps up with the Joneses. With rent actually 25 percent cheaper in the Valley, it’s only natural for the dimensions to be a little bit bigger and amenities to be a little more prevalent. That just means you get to spend more time at her place and overlook a setting sun each night, right?

2. The Galleria Will Happen

No matter how much you don’t want to become part of the statistic who actually goes to the Galleria, you’ll find yourself there on a date. It might seem be the popular place for teenage kids to go to waste time after school, but you just won’t be able to avoid it. With great history of a spot to celeb watch, shop and hangout, the Galleria is somewhere your lady will want to go because it’s in her blood to do so.

1. Cater to Every Request

Sure, there are a lot of attractive people throughout the entire city of Los Angeles, but in the Valley, there just seem to be a little bit more. With a lot of wealth in the areas that make up San Fernando Valley, don’t expect to go the cheap route while trying to win a ladies heart from there, because it won’t work most of the time. You’re expected to be a gentleman—obviously—and to do so at the swankiest places around.

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