15 Texting Fails To Avoid At All Costs


Hey there, thumb warriors! We all love a good conversation, but let’s be real—some texting habits can make you want to hurl your phone across the room. From excessive emojis to ghosting like a pro, here are 15 texting no-nos that annoy everyone and make you look like a total digital dweeb.

Overusing Emojis


We get it—emojis are cute, but do you really need to send 20 heart-eyed faces in a row? Tone it down, emoji addict. Emojis are awesome for adding flavor to your texts, but going overboard can be a bit much. Keep it chill and sprinkle them in like confetti, not like a monsoon.

Typing in ALL CAPS

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STOP YELLING AT US! Using all capitals is the same as shouting in someone’s face. It’s obnoxious and unnecessary. So save the caps lock for when you need to make a point. Otherwise, stick to lowercase for a more laid-back vibe.

Sending One-Word Replies

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K. Cool. Sure. Ugh. Seriously? Don’t be someone who can’t be bothered to type out a complete sentence. Short responses like “K” or “Cool” are the text equivalent of a conversation dead-end. Keep the chat flowing by adding more meat to your messages—your friends will appreciate it!

Texting While Hanging Out

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You know that feeling when you’re chilling with your BFF, sharing laughs, and suddenly they whip out their phone to text? It’s like the record-scratch moment in a movie—total buzzkill. Instead of splitting your attention between your friend and your screen, why not fully embrace the moment? Put the phone down, engage in some real-life banter, and make memories that don’t involve tiny screens.

Using Too Many Abbreviations


IDK, LOL, BRB, TTYL…OMG, can you just type like a normal person for once? We don’t have all day to decode your encrypted message. We know abbreviations are great for saving time, but too many can make your texts look like a foreign language. Strike a balance between efficiency and clarity to keep your messages easy to understand.

Ignoring Messages


Oh, you saw my text but couldn’t be bothered to reply? Thanks for leaving me on read. We get it; life gets busy, and sometimes replying slips your mind. But leaving someone hanging in text limbo? That’s a straight-up party foul. Imagine if real-life conversations worked that way—you say something to your friend, and they just walk away mid-sentence. Rude, right?

Texting Novels


Dude, chill with the essays. If I wanted to read a novel, I’d pick up a book, not my phone. Long texts are like those never-ending stories your grandma tells—you’re interested initially, but then you’re just waiting for it to end. Keep your messages short and sweet to keep your friends engaged.

Double Texting


You know, when you fire off a message, then crickets. No response. So what do you do? Send another message, of course! But hold up, before you hit that send button again, let’s talk strategy. Double texting can sometimes feel like trying to start a conversation with a brick wall. So take a chill pill, give your buddy some breathing room, and trust that they’ll reply when they’re good and ready.

Group Texting for Everything


Group texts are great for planning events or sharing jokes, but using them for everything can get overwhelming. It’s like being stuck in a never-ending episode of a reality show where everyone’s talking at once, and you’re the unfortunate contestant trying to keep up with the drama. So, let’s pump the brakes on the group texts, shall we?

Using Too Many Exclamation Points


OMG!!! Seriously, why do you need so many exclamation points?!! It’s not that exciting!!! They are like the hot sauce of punctuation—too many, and it’s overpowering. Use them to add a little spice to your texts, but don’t go overboard, or your friends might think you’re yelling at them!

Sending Unnecessary Photos

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Sharing pictures is fun, but bombarding your friends with selfies every five minutes? Not so much. So next time you’re tempted to flood your friend’s inbox with unnecessary photos, ask yourself: Is this picture truly worthy of a Pulitzer Prize, or am I just clogging up their storage with snapshots of my daily adventures?

Texting While Driving

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Safety first, people! Put down the phone and focus on the road. Keep yourself and others safe by saving the texts for when you’re safely parked. Your Snapchat streak can wait.

Sending Voice Notes Without Warning

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Whoa, why is your voice suddenly blaring out of my phone? Voice notes can be a fun way to communicate, but sending them out of the blue is not cool, man. Give us a heads-up before hitting record so we can prepare ourselves for your dulcet tones.

Not Using Proper Grammar


srsly ppl, lern 2 spel. Texting isn’t an excuse to butcher the English language. Text speak is fine in moderation, but typing like a caveman can be hard to decipher. Show some love for English and keep your messages clear and easy to read.

Ghosting Mid-Convo


Oh, you were having a conversation, and you suddenly disappeared into the digital abyss? Suddenly disappearing during a chat is like leaving someone hanging mid-high five—it’s just rude, dude. If you gotta bounce, at least drop a quick “Catch ya later!” to let your friend know you’re out.


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