15 Surprising Animals Unafraid to Challenge Bears


While bears may be among the most formidable predators in the animal kingdom, these 15 surprisingly brave creatures refuse to be intimidated. Though dwarfed by the bear’s sheer size and power, these courageous contenders make up for it with ferocious determination, cunning tactics, and a complete refusal to back down, no matter the odds.

1. Wolverine


These fierce little weasels are famous for their fearlessness and voracious appetites. Wolverines chase bears away from their kills, snatching the spoils for themselves. With their powerful jaws and unbreakable spirits, these creatures aren’t intimidated by even the most giant bruins.

2. Bald Eagle

Axel Goehns/Getty

America’s national symbol isn’t just a pretty bird – bald eagles are surprisingly demanding customers. These raptors have been observed diving at bears, pecking at their faces, and even riding on their backs. These majestic birds don’t view bears as a threat but as a nuisance to be aggressively fended off.

3. Coyote


Coyotes may be smaller than bears but make up for it with cunning and aggression. These wily canines are known to pester bears, nipping at their heels and snatching food from under their noses. Coyotes will even work together in packs to intimidate and drive off bears.

4. Moose

Jaroslav Sugarek/Getty

With their massive racks of antlers and immense size, moose are a force to be reckoned with. When a bear wanders too close to a moose’s territory or young, the herbivorous moose won’t hesitate to charge, trample, and even gore the unfortunate bruin.

5. Baboon

Ondrej Prosicky/Getty

These bold animals have no qualms about standing up to bears. Baboon troops have been found mobbing and harassing bears, screeching and throwing rocks to drive the lumbering giants away. Baboons’ sharp teeth and formidable numbers prove that size doesn’t always equal strength.

6. Raccoon


Raccoons may be small, but they’re scrappy and cunning. The masked bandits won’t back down when a bear ventures too close to a raccoon’s den or food source. Raccoons hiss, swipe, and even bite at bears to protect what’s theirs.

7. Honey Badger


Few animals embody the “don’t mess with me” attitude quite like the honey badger. These tenacious creatures will relentlessly provoke bears, hissing, biting, and squeezing their way into a bear’s den to steal their food. Honey badgers don’t care how big or powerful the bear is – they’ll fight to the bitter end.

8. Hooded Crow


This crafty corvid has no qualms about challenging this humongous beast. Hooded crows have been observed dive-bombing bears, pecking at their eyes and faces. These bold birds view bears as little more than a bore to be aggressively driven off their territory or food sources.

9. Chimpanzee


Our closest living relatives aren’t afraid to throw down with bears. Chimpanzee packs work together to intimidate and attack bears, throwing rocks and branches. With their intelligence, strength in numbers, and sheer audacity, chimps prove they’re not to be trifled with, even by the mighty bear.

10. Hornet

Vincent Bradley/Getty

Asian black bears have been known to flee in terror when confronted by a horde of angry hornets, who viciously sting the lumbering bears until they retreat. Size doesn’t matter when you have strength in numbers and a severe sting.

11. Warthog


With their massive tusks and fearless attitudes, warthogs are no pushovers regarding bears. These bristly pigs have been beheld by charging and goring bears that get too close to their young or territory. Warthogs may be smaller, but their sheer aggression and sharp tusks make them a force to be reckoned with.

12. Meerkat

Ondrej Prosicky/Getty

Meerkat colonies are said to mob and heckle bears that wander too near, standing up on their hind legs and issuing shrill warning calls. While a single meerkat is no match for a bear, their strong group dynamic allows them to stand up to this foe collectively.

13. Porcupine

Pedro Ferreira do Amaral/Getty

Porcupines may look cute and harmless, but their sharp quills pack a serious punch. When threatened by a bear, porcupines will turn their backs and raise their quills, daring the bear to get any nearer. Bears have learned that tangling with a porcupine is an exercise in pain and humiliation.

14. Spotted Hyena

Dennis Stogsdill/Getty

Hyenas may be scavengers, but they are not pushovers when it comes to bears. These opportunistic carnivores mob and harass bears, stealing their kills and even their cubs. Hyenas travel in large, coordinated packs, allowing them to collectively terrorize and drive off even the most giant bears.

15. Mountain Goat

Valentina Gatewood/Getty

The mountains’ rugged slopes and cliffs may be the bear’s domain, but mountain goats refuse to be bullied. These nimble, sure-footed ungulates with sharp horns and incredible agility charge and butt heads with bears that wander too close to their young or feeding grounds.


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