15 Stunning Birds That Live In North America


North America bursts with beauty beyond its majestic mountains and sprawling plains. Look to the skies and witness a vibrant tapestry come alive — a dazzling display of feathered jewels! The continent is teeming with avian wonders, from the fiery elegance of a cardinal gracing your bird feeder to the iridescent hum of a hummingbird flitting between blossoms. Here, we showcase 15 of these stunning birds, some you might encounter right in your backyard, others waiting to be discovered on your next nature adventure.

American Goldfinch


With its bright yellow plumage, the American Goldfinch brings its share of vibrance to gardens and meadows, especially during breeding season. The bird’s cheerful presence and delightful song bring joy to birdwatchers, earning it their love.

Northern Cardinal


The male Northern Cardinal is a striking bird with brilliant red feathers that contrast sharply against the winter snow or green foliage. Not only is its crest distinctive, but its melodic music makes it a beloved sight and sound in backyards across North America.

Baltimore Oriole


The solid orange and black plumage of the Baltimore Orioles is nothing but remarkable, especially when seen flitting among the green leaves of trees. Shout out to its sweet, flute-like song, which makes it even more delightful to observe.

Mountain Bluebird


Seen in open fields and perched on fences, the Mountain Bluebird’s bright blue feathers present a picture to behold. With a coloration reminiscent of a clear sky, the bird evokes a sense of tranquility and beauty in the natural landscape.

Scarlet Tanager

AGAMI stock/Getty

Showing off a brilliant red with contrasting black wings is the male Scarlet Tanager. It creates a noticeable combination that stands out against the greenery of forests. Beyond its coloration, its elusive nature makes it a sought-after sight for bird enthusiasts.

Painted Bunting

Paul Lowery/Getty

Call this bird a kaleidoscope of colors, and you won’t be wrong. Bright blues, greens, and reds adorn its plumage. Thanks To its vibrant hues and intricate patterns, it is one of North America’s most visually stunning birds, a true gem of the avian world.

Roseate Spoonbill


Two things that set the Roseate Spoonbill apart from other birds are its pink plumage and unique spoon-shaped bill. Its graceful movement in wetland areas adds to its beauty and fascination.

Pileated Woodpecker

Gordon Magee/Getty

With its striking red crest and large size, the Pileated Woodpecker is a majestic bird often found in forests. Its distinctive call and impressive size add to the factors that make it a memorable image for those lucky enough to spot one.

Indigo Bunting

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Bearing a brilliant blue plumage, the male Indigo Bunting is a stunning sight against a backdrop of green foliage. Besides that, it also has a melody that contributes to its captivatingness.

American Kestrel

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This small falcon’s colorful feathers, including a rust-colored back and tail, are beautiful to see in flight. Its agile movements and obvious appearance add to its appeal.

Great Blue Heron


While more subtle in color, the Great Blue Heron’s tall stature and elegant movements make it a pretty bird to observe, especially in wetland areas. Study its patient hunting behavior and elegant look, and you’ll consider it a symbol of grace.

Cedar Waxwing


With its silky plumage and quirky black mask, the Cedar Waxwing is a charming bird often found in flocks. As a social nature with a sleek look, when flying in groups, they are a delightful feast for the eyes.

Northern Flicker

Irving A Gaffney/Getty

This woodpecker species has a conspicuous appearance, with a mix of brown, black, and white plumage and a splash of red on the nape. First, there’s its unique coloration, and then there’s its habit of feeding on the ground, both of which make it intriguing to observe.

American Avocet

Gerald DeBoer/Getty

This elegant shorebird has a long, thin, upturned bill and distinctive black-and-white feathers, providing a prominent image along coastal areas. Moving graceful and showing off a notable appearance, we rate it as pretty and captivating.

Snowy Egret

Chris Klonowski/Getty

Known for its pure white plumage and graceful stature, the Snowy Egret is a beautiful bird often seen wading in shallow waters. Its delicate look and elegant movements stamp it as a symbol of beauty and grace in the natural world.


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