15 Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Husband


Finding Prince Charming today feels more like searching for a unicorn riding a hoverboard – mythical and slightly ridiculous.

But fear not, queens! Prepare to discover the undeniable signs that scream, “He’s husband material, not just another fling!” 

He Uses the Word “We”

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This man is ready to commit because he stopped thinking about himself as an individual and now thinks about both of you as one unit. He includes you in his current and future plans because he doesn’t think of you as a temporary partner. 

He Shares Your Value

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If you’re interested in having a big family, and you notice that he schedules his work to attend family gatherings, you know he’s a keeper. Keep an eye on his actions to see if his values match yours. 

He’s Serious About Life

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Yes, it’s fun to be around a playful man who parties all the time, but you want a reliable husband you can depend on. You want to be with a financially stable man who has his own place and is done with his back-to-back partying days. 

He’s Consistent

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A good man is someone you can depend on. If he’s consistent and reliable, you know you’ve found the perfect husband. He understands that success doesn’t happen overnight, so he won’t walk out on your relationship when things get tough. 

He Loves You for Who You Are

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Yes, your man will be attracted to your looks. But he knows that looks fade away and your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual connection won’t. He will love you with all your lines, blemishes, and those extra pounds that go away. 

He Sets Goals and Executes Them

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We all have dreams and ideas, but a few of us actually set goals and go after them. Your man makes a good husband if he has a vision for the future and strives hard to achieve it. 

He’s Emotionally Mature

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Staying in a relationship with someone who exhausts you both mentally and emotionally will not lead to the ideal family life you envision. A true sign of maturity in a man is his ability to manage his emotions, embrace vulnerability, and offer apologies when he errs. 

He Notices the Little Things

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You know he will make an incredible husband if he focuses on whatever matters to you. He won’t be little anything that means something to you and pays attention to the details. He notices what you need and ensures you have it without asking. 

He Treats You as an Equal

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You want to be with a man who treats you as his partner, not a follower. He won’t control the relationship or force you to do things because you’re the woman, and he’s ready to take care of the house and the family with you. 

He’s Kind to Everyone

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You know he is the right man when he’s kind to everyone, but especially to the people you love. He accepts your family and friends as his own because he understands their value in your life. 

He Inspires You

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The perfect husband-to-be is someone who won’t be intimidated by your success. He wants you to go after your dreams and won’t bring you down or make fun of your progress. With this man, you’ll become the best version of yourself.

He Takes Care of Himself

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No, I won’t encourage you to fall in love with a narcissist. A man who takes care of himself will set healthy boundaries in the relationship, respecting yours as well. You won’t have to worry about him because he knows he will provide and care for you. 

He Doesn’t Wait for You to Ask for Help

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When life isn’t going your way, you want a man who will step in. He won’t wait until you ask for help because his protective nature takes over. He values you as an adult woman but is ready to share your responsibility. 

He Communicates With You

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It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, so you want to be with a man who won’t leave you stranded with your thoughts. He will talk, communicate his opinion, and listen to you to make things work. 

He’s There for You

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It doesn’t matter if it’s game night or time to chill with the guys – he’ll always put you first. He’ll cancel his plans if necessary and make sure the world knows you’re his woman. Showing his love publicly and privately is a tell-tale sign he’s the one.


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